Monday, October 15, 2012

Use Goodreads to Drive Aamazing Amazon Reviews

Followers of my blog know how much I adore Goodreads.  I believe it is an author's (indie or traditional) second most powerful marketing tool.  Twitter being the first.  The best thing about both these tools is they are free.  I've talked about using Goodreads giveaways to gain Impressions; I've counseled you on how to use Goodreads to Connect with Fans.  If you haven't read these posts I suggest you do because they are chock full of great marketing tools for all authors.

Yesterday I was looking for ways to garner new Amazon reviews for my latest novel, The Zombie Always Knocks Twice, when it occurred to me I didn't need to look around for possible reviewers.  I had already been contacted by possible reviewers, in fact for The Zombie Always Knocks Twice I'd been contacted by over 300 readers who wanted to read my book.

Those prospective readers signed up for my last Goodreads giveaway.  When I hold a Goodreads giveaway I only offer one copy of the book and I only hold it for just 5-7 days.  My last giveaway was for just 3 days. If you want to know why these numbers are important, read my post on Impressions.  305 readers signed up to win a free copy of my book, but only one of them won.  I realized I could make winners out of many more of them for something in return--an Amazon review.

So last evening I went to my Goodreads author page and began clicking on the icons of the readers who wanted my book.  I was able to see what their favorite books were, what books they'd recently read, what were their favorite genres and much more.  In other words, I am able to look at the profiles of everyone who requested my book and determine which of these readers might be most interested in reading it and (hopefully) giving my book a favorable review.

Then I messaged (yes, you can write a personal message to anyone on Goodreads who tried to win a free copy of your book) 10 of the readers.  I realize I'm not going to hear from all of them, but that's okay, I still have 295 prospects left.  How about that?

All you need to do to get a pool of qualified reviewers for your book is to: 1) host a Goodreads giveaway and then: 2) Contact those who didn't win and offer them a second chance at your book in exchange for an Amazon review.  Please remember when you're writing someone to be respectful of their privacy and time.  But be honest with them.  Say something like "I see you were interested in winning a free copy of my book. Sorry you didn't win, but I'd love to send you a copy in exchange for a fair an honest review that you post on Amazon." I'm sure you will get your share of positive responses.    Remember, these are people who already want to read your book.

The only drawback to a Goodreads giveaway is you must give away a paper book.  No ebooks.  So if you're ebook only, sorry, but this won't work for you.  If your book is available in paper it still doesn't mean you have to offer a hard copy for your Amazon review.  Postage can get expensive.  I started out by offering e-copies.  I'm sure I'll get some takers.

And I know I said use Goodreads to drive amazing reviews, and there's no guarantee of that.  But I am assuming your book is amazing and that all it needs is a few more readers singing its praises on Amazon to kick your sales into high gear.

That's my latest offering for indie authors.  I hope I didn't leave anything out.  I just thought of it and was dying to share it with you. 

Oh wait, one more thing.  I'm still looking for fair and honest Amazon reviews for The Zombie Always Knocks Twice.  If you're interested in reviewing my book please email me at  Hope you enjoyed the post.



  1. Well said. Nice post. I just started with Goodreads, but I think I'll try to beef up my presence there. Thanks for the advice.

  2. This blog is awesome! (And thanks for the warm welcome on Book Blogs!)
    I'm excited to read your books! :)

    My blog is

    From the Kozy Korner,

  3. You CAN do eBook Giveaways. I love Goodreads but didn't like that they only do giveaways for paperback books (I love eBooks) so I made a group just for giveaways that include eBooks. We have 2600+ members and lots of stuff to win. Just go to groups and search for the Giveaways group if you're interested.

  4. Great suggestion. I've been doing Goodreads giveaways regularly, but hadn't thought about taking the next step.

  5. Interesting -- I will try this since I just did a Goodreads give-away... and yes, E. I did leave you a review on Amazon! The Zombie Always Knocks Twice is a terrific read.