Sunday, July 1, 2012

Use Goodreads to Connect With Fans

I really love connecting with authors and readers.  Participating in events like the Victor Valley College event last May always seems to rejuvenate me and motivate me want to finish that next book.  However, in the digital age, meeting readers up close and personal isn't so easy.  Today we connect with friends and fans via Facebook and Twitter.  It's not the same as sitting down to lunch, but it does allow you the luxury of connecting with friends and fans from all over the world without leaving your home or office.

With June coming to a close, I was looking for a way to remind fans that Earth Angel the sequel to Boyfriend From Hell was available.  I had sold or given away nearly 16,000 copies of Boyfriend From Hell, but the Earth Angel sales were lagging far behind.  So what did I do to connect with fans?--Goodreads, of course.

If you follow me on Twitter (@evanlowe) you have seen me tweet ad nauseam about using Goodreads Giveaways to increase Impressions (read my post on Impressions here).   This past week I decided to reach out to many of the readers who gave Boyfriend From Hell a 4 or 5 star rating.  The message simply stated I appreciated them taking the time to rate my book and reminded them that I thought Earth Angel was even better.   Please note: Goodreads limits the number of personal messages you can send each day to eliminate spam.  It took me three days to get all my messages out, but it was well worth it.  Many fans wrote back thanking me for the reminder, but one fan did more.

I messaged a reader yesterday who messaged me back that EA had already been on her TBR list.  She was looking for something fun and was now moving it to the top of her list.  This morning I found this terrific GOODREADS REVIEW.

I am sharing this with you because I want to point out a few things: readers add so many books to their TBRs it's easy to forget about yours.   A friendly reminder can result not only in a sale, but a fan who may tell others about your books.  Writing each reader who liked your book individually may be time consuming, but (to me) it's worth it.  Also, a personal note from an author can be a big deal for a reader.  It's a powerful impression that will will keep your name and book titles on a reader's mind.  Just remember that when you're writing readers you should have something to say, and always thank them because we'd be nowhere without them.

That's my share for the day.  Goodreads really is a powerful tool.  It costs nothing and it can give you an awesome personal connection with readers who may one day become fans, or better yet, friends.  I heard from my publisher this morning that June Earth Angel sales were 30% higher than Boyfriend From Hell.  With a third book, Heaven Sent, coming out in December this was good news indeed.

I hope some of you find this share informational, and thanks Hrtnsoul for taking the time to read my book and review it.



  1. I love Goodreads but their giveaway doesn't include eBooks and other stuff.

    I made a group just for giveaways of books, eReaders, gift cards, and book swag

    All genre's accepted. Please read the rules before posting.

  2. As a reader/reviewer, I have to say that unless I've had a relationship in the past, it bugs me to get an email from an author telling me their latest book is out. If I've done a solicited review, that's one thing, but if this is the first contact I've had with the author, it's going in the trash.