Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

I want to thank everyone for hanging with me in 2011.  Writing can be a very lonely profession.  It's so gratifying when you guys stop by to participate in a contest, or leave a comment on my blog, or a review on Amazon or Goodreads.  It let's me know I'm not writing in a vacuum, and that somebody is out there.  So please, keep stopping by from time to time.

Speaking of reviews, Boyfriend From Hell continues to garner excellent reviews.  The Earth Angel reviews have just begun.  There are currently seventeen reviews on Goodreads.  11 of them are 4 and 5 star reviews.  There are six reviews on Amazon--three 5 star reviews, 1 four star and 2 three star reviews.  I am so pleased so many of you are enjoying the books.  Those of you who haven't read them yet, I hope you give them a try. 

I have lots of exciting things coming in 2012.  I have a Twitter party scheduled for January 13th.  There will be an all new Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenge, as well as some cool events and a new book.  I will have more details on the Twitter party in the coming week.  If you've ever wanted to chat with me or ask a question, the Twitter Party is the perfect opportunity.

Now it's time for me to start getting ready for my own New Year's Eve festivities.  Please have a safe New Year's Eve and I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.  And please remember to take some time to help those who are less fortunate.  You may think you're in bad shape, but I'm telling you there are people out there in worse shape than you.  Please lend a hand.  We live in a wonderful country, but imagine how wonderful it would be if we all took the time to help one another.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holly Zombie Christmas Winner

Happy Holidays everyone.  I know you're all here to find out who won all the cool swag in the Holly Zombie Christmas Giveaway.  I won't keep you waiting too long, but before I announce I want you all to know what a blast I had hosting the contest.  I love having contests.  Speaking of hosts, I want to thank the five bloggers who co-hosted the contest with me. I also want to thank Janiera, who liked the contest so much she co-hosted on her own.  Thanks, Janiera, that was awesome of you.

And now for the winner.  The winner of the Holly Zombie Christmas Giveaway is Ta-Taaaaaa! Jeanette Jackson.  Hey Jeanette, congratulations! Send me your mailing info. I will pop the swag bag into the mail.  Sorry you won't have it for Christmas, but some time during the holidays, you will be knee deep in zombie paraphernalia. The blogger who sent the most fans my way is Stephanie at Beauty Brite.  Thanks Stephanie for enrolling so many contestants into the giveaway.  A mini-swag bag will be going out to you as well.

If you like contests please stay tuned, I will be hosting another Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenge very soon.  Guess the movie and win a free Amazon gift card.  It's that easy. And if you like good books, hopefully you will check out mine.  If you're not into my genre, why not give Boyfriend From Hell or Never Slow Dance With A Zombie as a gift. I'm an author, people.  If I don't sell these books I will have to go back to work in the salt mine.  You don't want that, and neither do I.  So please, please support me as an author.  If you're into horror, check out my alter ego Sal Conte, the author of the original Child's Play.  His ebooks are available on my site along with my own:

I hope everyone will hang around long enough to read my interview with cover artist Adara Rosalie. If you can't stay now, please come back and read it.  She's a terrific artist and an awesome person.  I know she'd love it if you left a comment.

Please be careful out there during the holidays.  I want to see you all back here real soon.


*Correction.  Earlier I mistakenly posted it was Michelle at Beauty Brite who was the winning blogger.  I have corrected the error.  I apologize, Stephanie.

Interview With Earth Angel Cover Designer, Adara Rosalie

Since I've had the Falling Angles Saga covers redesigned, so many people have asked me "who does your book covers?  They're gorgeous!"  Today I am unveiling my secret weapon. I'd like everyone to meet the woman who created and designed the covers for Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel, my new friend Jayde, also known as Adara Rosalie.  First a brief bio.

Known as Adara Rosalie, Jayde, is a self-taught digital artist living in the Sydney Region of New South Wales, Australia. Her works bring forth the beauty in the dark, strange and Gothic. Her images are beautifully rendered, with a blend of photo manipulation and digital painting, showing a natural talent for creating new and fantastic visual artworks that are original in concept.

Fast becoming sought after for her particular style, Adara has been commissioned for the design of a number of CD covers, promotional displays, and book covers.

She has also been featured in magazines such as Advanced Photoshop (Issue 81), won a number of awards on artist community websites (thanks to all her supporters, whom bolster and strengthen her and her art with their wonderful comments) and a variety of other wonderful things that are to be confirmed in the near future (including publication in a digital book by Quarto Publishing Ltd.).
Jayde currently lives at home with her family and her puppy-dog, Constantine, but has recently made another big change in her life by purchasing her first home with her partner, Michael.

1)      Hi Jayde.  Thanks for stopping by. I noticed when I first saw your work that you have an eye for making things pretty using Photoshop.  Where does this gift come from?
            I am an only child so developed a vivid imagination at an early age that developed in later years into a passion for visual arts. It was not until I enrolled into a visual arts diploma at TAFE (tertiary educational institution) that I was introduced to Photoshop in one of the core units. I was instantly captivated with the program (if a little over whelmed at first by all the tools and features) and branched out in my spare time in researching tutorials and practicing with it until I understood all aspects of the program. If I was unsure how to create an effect I took the initiative to contact other artists to ask their advice, or if available, discuss techniques with my teachers.
            Every artist develops their own individual artist practice and finds inspiration in a variety of ways (music, TV, movies, life experiences, appropriation of concepts, history, mythology, culture or subculture).  I find my inspiration from my love of Gothic subcultures, mythology, fables and life experiences.
            I was not always as proficient with Photoshop. My first works are devoid of finesse and were very raw. I did not have the knowledge to create special effects or produce professional quality images. It is only with hours and hours of practice that I was able to create high quality images that were visual representations of my imagination.

      Tell us a little about yourself?
            I have been subject to High School Bullying because I came from a low income household and saw things differently from others. In year 12 , I found the body of my Uncle who had committed suicide. In spite of this trauma I continued on to complete year 12 and receive my High School Certificate. It was through the support and care of my teachers and family that helped me to succeed.
I had to put off enrolling into university, and had to enter the work force to be able to pay household living costs. I waited 5 years before my family was financially stable, I took a leap of faith and quit my job, and enrolled into a diploma of visual arts course that ran for 2 years. It was in those two years at Tafe, working and developing my skills, that I discovered that working in an office as a paper pusher was not a career that makes me happy. In my last year of Tafe, I applied to the Australian Catholic University to enroll into a Bachelor of Teaching/ Bachelor of Visual Arts, and to my utter delight was accepted. I was a mature aged student. My education comes first. It is the basis for a career that I love and a solid income.
In the meantime it I have been working with digital art, and following my personal dreams of becoming a well-known artist and book cover designer. It has taken me 5 years to build my artist portfolio, reputation and network. I am continually reaching new heights and have never been happier with my life and choices.
The Falling Angels Saga covers are really gorgeous.  How hard was it to come with the design?  How hard was it working with E? (Be honest)
                Thank you! I was truly honored and blessed to be able to work with E. (and not only because I grew up with the Cosby Show)! Working on any commission for a client has its ups and downs, it is the most difficult thing to be able to take what another individual envisions and try to create a visual image. I have worked with a variety of clientele and found that E. was one of the most pleasurable and easiest clients to work with.
            E. provided me with an outline, or suggestion, on the type of images that he envisioned and gave me creative license to work within my own imaginative and artistic capabilities. This provided me with the freedom to work WITH E. on creating the perfect cover.
6)      Whats your favorite project you ever worked on?  Why?
            I don’t really have a favorite project, but if I had to choose, I would say working with E. on his book covers. I love being able to develop freely, creating new works of art that reach out and capture the imagination of people. I think that the act of creating, in itself, is a wonderful gift and I love every moment that I have creating.

7)      What are your guilty pleasures in life?
                Hmmnnn, guilty pleasures... I love pepperoni pizza! I know that it is not healthy, but so yummy! And I am a HUGE fan of Family Guy.
8)      Where can fans find you on the web?
            My works of art can be found in a variety of places. I have many artist portfolios, and am a member of a few sites where prints, posters and iPhone cases can be purchased of my work.
Thanks for stopping by, Jayde.  For those of you who didn't get enough, we'll be hearing from Jayde again some time early next year.  Please stop by some of Jayde's sites, check out her work, and maybe even purchase something. 
Peace and Happy Holidays.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Have A Holly Zombie Christmas

Happy Holidays Everyone. T’is the season to be zombie.  To kick it off I am sponsoring a Holly Zombie Giveaway.  I am giving away a swag bag filled with goodies any serious zombie aficionado is going to want to own.  The contest starts today, December 9th and ends next Friday, December 16th.  There are six additional bloggers co-hosting the extravaganza.  They are:
There is only one prize, but it's easy to win.  Just sign up for my newsletter at For more details view the post below this one and watch the video.  On the 17th I will place all the entries into a fishbowl and draw the winner.  The six bloggers have a chance to win as well. The one who signs up the most contestants will win a special prize.  If you'd like to help a blogger win, leave a comment on my blog letting me know they sent you. I will post the winning blogger along with the winning contestant on the 19th.
I promise you this is an awesome gift bag.  You are not going to want to miss out on it.  So scroll down and check it out.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good bite!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Holly Zombie Giveaway--Call For Host Bloggers

Holly Zombie Giveaway
December 9th thru the 16th

I am celebrating this holiday season in Zombie Style with my first ever Holly Zombie Giveaway. I am giving away a Swag Bag full of zombirific goodies any serious zombie fan will love. To see a presentation of the awesome goodies just click on the video link:

The goodies include:

My Uncle Enoch's 1964 Zombie High, High School Year Book: This is an authentic yearbook with blood spattered pages filled with photos of the graduating class, the faculty, and of course all the teams--including the track team who had the distinction of not completing one meet the entire season.  If you have any friends or family members who attended Zombie High, this is for you.

That's Not Your Mommy Anymore: Matt Mogk's illustrated children's book is a favorite at bedtime in my house because it explains to the little ones--in colored illustrations and verse--what to do when mommy starts acting strange.

Zombie Water or Juice Bottle: You can work up a tremendous thirst battling zombies.  This zombie green water bottle is perfect for the zombie fighter who wants to quench his thirst and look the part while doing it.

Autographed copy of Never Slow Dance With A Zombie--this special edition autographed copy comes with a hand written Christmas greeting from the author. Any true zombie lover will want to add this to their collection of zombie paraphernalia.

Three Never Slow Dance With A Zombie Bookmarks-- Why three? Because when you're reading while fighting zombies it's easy to lose your place. Duh!

 Zombie Love Button-- If you can't beat em join em. Sport this zombie pin while roaming among the zombie hordes to let them know you're not looking for a fight and would love to hang onto your braiins.

Zombie Love men's large TeeShirt--A zombie attack can come at any time--even while you're sleeping. Wear this tee shirt to bed so if you are ever dragged from your sleep by a band of marauding zombies, they will know you are a lover not a fighter.

Never Slow Dance With A Zombie Tote—Tired of carrying around all your zombie fighting gear in your hands? This stylish tote is perfect for carrying around all your gear and at the same time letting everyone know that you would Never Slow Dance With A Zombie.

This giveaway is available internationally

The rules to enter are simple:

Everyone can have up to five entries.  here's how.

you must sign up for my newsletter at  The sign up link is in the left hand column on the home page.

bonus entry if you also sing up for my blog (1 entry)

bonus II follow me on twitter (1 entry)

bonus III Like my Facebook Fan Page (1 entry)

bonus iV leave a comment on my blog telling me on whose blog you discovered the contest. (1 entry)

For those of my fans who have already done these, leave a comment on my blog and you will automatically have 5 entries.


***Bloggers who'd like to co-host this contest don't leave a comment here.  Email me at  There's also a prize for the blogger who recruits the most entries.

I will accept blogger entries up until the 8th of December***

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Boyfriend From Hell/ Earth Angel Blog Tour

The Boyfriend From Hell/Earth Angel Blog Tour is under way with stops throughout the month of December.  I want to thank Roxanne for putting together another awesome tour.  There are so many stops. Please drop in on a few of the stops listed below.  Some will feature a chance to win Earth Angel:

11/30 Review @Sapphyria's Book Reviews

11/30  Guest Blog @ Obsession With Books

12/1 Guest Blog & Review (both books) @ SupaGurl Books

12/2 Interview @ Tribute Books Reviews & Giveaways

12/4 Review (Earth Angel) @ Sapphyria's Book Reviews

12/6 Interview @ Work A Day Reads

12/7 Guest Blog @ Manga Maniac Cafe

12/8 Interview @ Basia's Bookshelf

12/9 Guest Post/Earth Angel Review @ My Neurotic Book Affair

12/10 Guest Blog @ The Fairytale Nerd

12/11 Guest Blog & Review of both books @ Book Lover's Paradise

12/13 Guest Post & Review of both books @ Cocktails And Books

12/14 Earth Angel Review @ Freda's Voice

12/15 Interview @ Lisa's Book World

12/16 Review & Guest Post @ Books R Us

12/18 Interview & Review (both books) @ A Cupcake And Latte: YA Reviews

12/18 Interview @ Jeanz Book Read N Review

12/19 Guest Post & Review @ Book Lover's Hideaway

12/19 Promo Review of both books @ Book Whispers

12/20 Review of both books @ Michelle's Book Blog & Michelle's Cozy YA Blog

12/21 Guest Blog @ Mother/Gamer/Writer

12/22 Character Interview & Review @ A Bookalicious Story

12/23 Review of both books @ Hippies, Beauty And Books Oh My!

12'24 Review & Excerpts of both books @ Book Briefs


12/27 Guest blog & Review @ I Just Wanna Sity Here And Read

12/28 Interview & Review of both books @ The Wormhole

12/28 Review & Promo @Curling Up By The Fire

12/30 Guest Blog & Rwview both books @ Simplistic

12/30 Earth Angel review @ That Bookish Girl

Review some time inJanuary @ Between The Prose

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving & Cyber Monday Giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I am thankful for my family, friends, and all the wonderful frans I email and tweet with nearly every day.  You guys are sooo awesome!  I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow is Black Friday the beginning of the holiday shopping season--a day where millions of you (not me, nuh-uh!) will venture out to stores and malls looking for super bargains.  Well, it just so happens I know of a super bargain, and it's free.  That's right FREE.  The only catch is you'll have to wait until Cyber Monday (November 28th) to get in on it.  Without further ado (what the hell does "ado" mean?) I bring you....

Bewitching Book Tours is hosting the Boyfriend From Hell/Earth Angel Cyber Monday Giveaway Blitz.  This awesome swag bag features lots of goodies, like the Bath and Body Works Candy Apple Gift Set.
In a addition to the gift set there's a fuzzy black winter hat, perfect for keeping your head stylish and warm throughout the winter; there's also fuzzy black and purple striped winter gloves.  There's too much great swag to mention.  Roxanne over at Bewitching Books Tours put together an incredible giveaway.  Topping off this great giveaway will be autographed copies of both Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel.

To find out how you can qualify for the Cyber Monday Giveaway Blitz just click on the link. If you miss out on the giveaway there will be more chances to win both books in the Falling Angels Saga when I start my new blog tour.  I will post it here some time next week.  In the mean time, enjoy your turkey, don't eat too much pumpkin pie, remember to give thanks, and have a happy and safe day.  I love you all. Peace.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Boyfriend From Hell-Earth Angel Trailer

Here it is, people.  I finally had a trailer made for Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel.  I am so excited for you to see it. I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Earth Angel Unveiled

Here it is, folks, the cover to my newest novel-- Earth Angel. Isn't it GORGEOUS? 

I decided to do a redesign of the Falling Angels Saga covers.  I wanted the series covers to better reflect the attitude of my series and my readers--more adult and more romantic. The redesigned Boyfriend From Hell cover is just as beautiful as this one. Can't wait to show it to you.  That will happen next week.

I am very proud of this new cover.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Earth Angel comes out mid-December, about a month from now.  I'm bubbling over with excitement to share my new book with you.  Those of you who emailed me that you couldn't wait for Earth Angel to come out won't be disappointed. 

There's a new hot series in town.  The Falling Angels Saga.  Peace.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Trivia Challenge Winner

Hope Everyone had a happy and safe Halloween.  I did. 

We had a nice turnout for the Halloween challenge.  Everyone who entered got it right.  But there can only be one winner.  The correct answer was: The Twilight Zone (The Movie).  The unjumbled actor was Dan Aykroyd.  This week's winner is Nikki at Close Encounters With The Night Kind.  Nikki's prize is an autographed copy of my debut novel, Never Slow Dance With A Zombie--the perfect Halloween prize.  Our next challenge won't be until the Christmas season, so bone up on your Christmas movies folks.

 My next personal appearance will be this coming Saturday in Camarillo California at the Ventura County Book & Author Fair. The fair is from 10am to 4pm. There will be seminars, author readings and books for sale. I will be participating in the seminar “Comedy Writing Mastering The Hardest Craft.” Some of you may not know this, but before I wrote YA paranormal with a humorous twist, I wrote TV sitcoms—Even Stevens, The Cosby Show and others. My panel is at 10am, among the first sessions of the day. Want to learn more about adding some genuine humor to your stories? This is the seminar for you. The fair will be held in the Pleasant Valley Community Park Auditorium.

I will also be in a booth some time later in the day, autographing books and bookmarks. If you're in the area, please stop by and say hi. I have some special swag for bona fide fans. For more info on the Ventura County Book & Author Fair visit their website

For those of you who can't make it, and would like to know more about adding humor to your writing, I did a guest post a few days ago at SIMPLE CLOCKWORK.  My friend, Nancy Cudis has an excellent new blog.  It won't be long before she's among the top book bloggers. Please stop by and read my post on humor, and while you're there, leave a comment.  It'll make me look good :-)  Come on!  It's three minutes out of your life.  SIMPLE CLOCKWORK.  Thanks.

My alter ego, Sal Conte's first new work in more than 20 years came out a week before Halloween.  The Toothache Man is a surprising new ebook short story available for just ninety-nine cents for kindle and nook only.  And check it out, Sal just got an offer to turn his thrilling new short into a major motion picture.  Maybe it will be out next year, in time for Halloween 2012.  Anyway, you know the movie is not going to do the original story justice.  You can get the original here: THE TOOTHACHE MAN. More on Sal's offer in a future post.  I think I've given you enough info for now.  Besides, I've gotta go polish off some candy corn.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Scary Good Challenge

This week in honor of the scary weekend ahead, we're going to have the Halloween edition of the Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenge.  It's a little of the old format and a little of the new.

And remember, while we call it the Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenge, you don't have to enter today. You have 6 days to enter. The drawing closes Sunday evening. So everyone has plenty of time to come up with the correct answer. But just one entry per person will be accepted. The winner will receive an autographed copy of my hit novel, Never Slow Dance With A Zombie.  You say you already have the comic horror novel?  The holidays are coming.  It could make a lovely gift.  On Monday I will draw a winner from all the correct answers, and post the winner here next Tuesday. Are you ready for the challenge?

In a creepy old film, somebody said this: “You wanna see something really scary?”
Name the movie, and unscramble the actor's name who appeared in the movie"


As a reminder, there are a few things you will need to do to qualify. You need to do #1 or #2, plus the three other things listed below:

1) Be a registered follower of this blog, or
2) ...follow me at
3) leave a comment on this blog in the comment section on any of my posts anytime during the week of the current challenge. DO NOT put your answer in the comments, instead…
4) send your answer to me at
5)mention the Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenge either on your blog or in a tweet the week of the current challenge.
Do 1 +3,4&5, or 2 +3 ,4&5 and you are entered to win.

Remember, you must do four things to qualify to win.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Springsteen, Me and My Ebook Adventure

Back In June I did a post entitled “Springsteen And Me: Taking Control of Your Writing Career.” It was about my leap into the world of independent publishing and why I made the leap from Big 6 traditional publishing in the first place.  Now that my first indie novel, Boyfriend From Hell, is out, I am reprising the post along with the fresh perspective of a newly published indie author at the end.  Check it out:

For those of you thinking this is a post about Bruce Springsteen and me, let me say right here that it is not. I do not know Bruce Springsteen. Of course I know who he is, but until quite recently I was not a fan. So, if you’re interested in Springsteen’s music stop reading now. This post is about how Bruce Springsteen inspired me to take control of my career, and how those of us who are creative can learn from what he did.

In October of 2010 I was having a beer with my publisher. But he wasn’t my publisher at the time. He was my friend. I didn’t even realize Christopher Meeks was a publisher until that October conversation.

During that conversation, Chris mentioned an HBO documentary he’d seen about Bruce Springsteen. It seems after the success of their first album, Springsteen realized he was under the control of his (then) manager. As is typical (I guess) in the music business, the contract Springsteen signed gave his manager total creative control forever. That didn’t sit well with Bruce. In fact, he gambled his future on ending that contract. Springsteen decided he could never record again under those conditions.

Bruce, along with the members of the E Street Band ,were young and hungry—but not hungry enough to give away creative control. He’d rather go back to obscurity than turn his ideas over to a gatekeeper. He was an artist. An artist needs to control his art. He didn’t record for three years.

They could have caved to the pressure and made a living, but he stuck to his guns, not recording for THREE WHOLE YEARS. The special is about those years and the first album they recorded after he waited out his manager. Springsteen called the album “a meditation on where are you going to stand.”

The documentary changed me. The Promise: The Making of Darkness On The Edge of Town is acclaimed for how Springsteen created the music. I love it for the message it sends to those of us struggling out here in the creative community.

Soon after I saw it, I decided to leave Big  6 publishing behind and asked Chris and his White Whisker Books to be the publisher for Boyfriend From Hell, along with the other novels in the saga. Why?  My first novel , Never Slow Dance With A Zombie, (Tor/Teen) sold very well, but as an artist I wanted more control over what went into my books.

So that’s my story.  Boyfriend From Hell came out on September 1st . So far I have loved joining the ranks of indie authors.  I’ve made lots of new blogger and indie author friends. It’s a wonderfully supportive community.

Boyfriend From Hell is a paranormal romance with a comedic twist.  In style, it’s closer to H.P. Mallory than Amanda Hocking, but readers of both will enjoy the book.  It’s gotten rave reviews.

While you’re here, I’d like you to take a chance and download it for just $2.99.  I promise it isn’t one of those poorly written self-published books riddled with mistakes. I guarantee it will not let you down. Did I mention it’s already received 22 four and five star reviews on GOODREADS?

Give it a try.

Here is the link for both Amazon and Barnes & Noble: PURCHASE.  If you don’t have a kindle or nook, don’t let that stop you. The kindle app is free.  You can download the book along with the free app.

Do it now, before your busy lives get in the way.  Help me realize my creative dream and read a fun, romantic paranormal adventure at the same time. And while you're at it, consider where are YOU going to stand.



Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Toothache Man Cometh

In a few days Sal Conte's The Toothache Man will be available for ereaders: Kindle, Nook and ipad.  Just in time for Halloween. I want to thank my friends at White Whisker Books for helping me get the Sal Conte titles out there.  I don't have the patience or the technical where-with-all to self publish.  But White Whisker was so happy with Boyfriend From Hell, Earth Angel, and our relationship in general, that they agreed to help get the work out there--and not for their normal splits, either.  I must say my royalty split with White Whisker is quite generous, but the deal they made with Sal Conte is even better.  He must have made them an offer they couldn't refuse.  hehe.

I am really proud of the story.  Fans of horror thrillers will find it fun and surprising.  Wanna know more? Check out the blurb below:

There is no pain like toothache pain

Jim Roberts is a victim of today's economy. While he's lucky enough to have a job, his job has been keeping him temp for two years to avoid paying medical benefits. When Jim gets a terrible toothache, a friend tells him about The Toothache Man, an unlicensed dentist where people like Jim can have their dental problems solved for a song. Unfortunately, The Toothache Man turns out to be a lot more than Jim bargained for—with an old fashioned dentist’s chair, and a penchant for pain.  Jim is about to discover a toothache is the least of his problems.

The Toothache Man clocks in at just over 5300 words. Long enough for you to read in one hair-raising sitting.  The price is only 99c.  Pretty damned inexpensive for a Sal Conte original, if I do say so myself.

By the way, Sal Conte has his own Twitter account now, where he's constantly carping about me.  You can follow him here:


Friday, October 7, 2011

Boyfriend From Hell Weekend Sale

Hey everyone, I have some really exciting news!   In honor of Boyfriend From Hell being chosen ebook of the day in this coming Saturday’s Kindle Nation Daily, my publisher (White Whisker Books) has dropped the price to JUST 99 cents.


This super low price is effective immediately, but it’s for the weekend only. If you want to read Boyfriend From Hell as an ebook, now is the time to get it. It will go back up to its regular price on Monday.

You’ve seen all the great reviews the book has been getting on Goodreads: REVIEWS. Now see what all the excitement is about for yourself for just 99 cents. Less than a dollar. A good book for the price of a candy bar.Yowzah!

This is a special deal. Please take advantage of it. Thank you, Steve, at Kindle Nation Daily for featuring my new book. And thank you, Chris, for lowering the price. I really appreciate what both of you have done. I’m sure the readers will appreciate it as well.

To purchase Boyfriend From Hell for 99 cents go to AMAZON or BARNES & NOBLE.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Few Words From Sal Conte

Well, well, well….

How is everybody?  I’m new to blogging, so bear with me.  I am about to tell you a horrible truth about a man some of you have come to love, the owner of this blog—E. Van Lowe.  As some of you may know, my career started long before E’s did.  I published the horror novel Child’s Play back in 1984.  I followed it with The Power a few years later.  My books were selling well.  E seemed really happy for me.

Then one day he comes into our apartment and tells me he just landed the dream job, the start of a dream career.  He landed a writing gig at Universal television.  He was going to be writing TV shows.  I knew E had been trying to get into TV for some time.  I was happy for him.  I was so happy that I said “Let’s go out and celebrate.”

It was late afternoon when we took that long drive out the Pacific Coast Highway.  The setting sun glistening off the ocean was so beautiful.  E pulled the car alongside a deserted stretch of road and said “Let’s take a walk on the beach.”  I should have known there was something amiss.  E is not is not a big fan of the ocean.  But I figured it was a celebration.  He just wanted to stand on the beach, enjoy the sunset and bask in his glory.  Didn’t realize he meant it to be my sunset.

We took our shoes off and walked out to the water’s edge.  The surf nibbled at my toes.  It was a moment of triumph.  I was a successful author of gruesome horror, and my pal had finally gotten his break in TV.  That’s when E said: “It ends here, Sal.”

“You mean the days of eating top ramen for dinner every night?” I asked smiling.

“Yes. But more than just that.  It all ends here.  YOU end here.”

I was flabbergasted, at a loss for words.  I was E’s alter ego, the one with the cajones to get him this far.  He could not have hung in there long enough to land that TV gig without me at his side.

“I’m leaving you here, Sal,” he said.  “We had a good run together, but I’m starting a new life, and there’s no room for horror in that life. I’m a comedy writer now.  See ya.”

I watched as E turned around and headed back to the car, leaving me standing there, my toes in the soup.  That was 25 years ago.  E went on to have a very exciting career writing TV and film.  Then six months ago a knock came at his door.  “Hi, E, how’ve you been?”  This time it was him who was flabbergasted.  "That was a long damn walk," I said entering his palatial estate.

I will spare you the gory details of the big fight.  All you need to know is, I won. Despite what E has been telling everyone, Sal Conte is not dead--far from it.  In fact (thanks to some arm-twisting), I’m back with my very own page on E’s website, and some brand new horror to shock your heart and scare the bejesus out of you. 

First off, I am rereleasing (in ebook form only) my 1980s horror classic Child’s Play.  Not the lame-ass Chucky movie, but the original Child’s Play.  I am also releasing (ebook only again—sorry) a brand new short story, The Toothache Man, both in time for Halloween.  Check out the playful yet gruesome cover I chose for the short.

Neato, right? The price is right, too.  So if you like good horror you need to check me out.  E is hoping that you won’t, that you’ll leave me to die the slow death he had planned for me.  But I know that everyone has a dark side, and what better way to serve that dark side than by reading a gruesome horror story.  Right?   Prove E wrong.  Don’t leave me here to die… again.

E: I guess here is where I am supposed to thank my guest... which is hard to do since he pretty much told you I left him for dead.  Anyways, that's my horror writing alter ego, Sal Conte.  You'll be hearing more from him as we get closer to Halloween. In the mean time, if you'd like to find out more about Sal and his upcoming releases go here: SAL CONTE'S PAGE. You can also follow him on Twitter @SalConte1

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenge Winner

I finally stumped you guys.
Most of you, that is...

I had near record traffic at E's blog last week, but very few of you submitted to the challenge.  There were three submissions--three of you got it right.  But there can only be one winner of the free Amazon gift card.  I'd like to give a round of *applause* to the three of you who got it right.  The name drawn as the winner, however, was Lisa aka Lasergirl.  I could be wrong, but I believe this is the third time Lisa has won the challenge.  You now hold the record, girl.  Congratulations.  Your $10 Amazon gift card will be going out shortly.

And now, what was that darned movie that had you all so stumped?  The correct, unjumbled answers are:

Pieces Of April
Sean Hayes

The runners up were Dottie at Tink's Place and Ammy Belle at The Crooked Book Shelf.  Yes, Ammy, Canadians qualify.
Those of you who were stumped, I promise the next Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenge will be a bit easier.  Hint: brush-up on your horror film knowledge, folks. The next challenge will be a Halloween challenge.
I'd also like to thank those of you who came out to the OC Children's Book Fest this past Sunday.  It was a beautiful day, and I made a lot of new friends.  A special shout out to Kambiz and China.

With Halloween fast approaching, Sal Conte will be stopping by later in the week with a special message.  Speaking of Sal, he's now on Twitter: Sal Conte1.  He could use a few followers. I hope some of you will follow him. I don't know why I'm plugging old Sal, he has nothing but nasty things to say about me.  It's tough having an alter ego with a mind of his own. 

Have a great week.  Boyfriend From Hell has 10 five star reviews on Goodreads, and it's still just $2.99 for Kindle and Nook owners.  If you don't own a Kindle, try downloading the free Kindle app... then go buy my book  ;-)  Peace.