Tuesday, March 31, 2009


There, I admitted it.

Ever since late last week I've been coming up with lame excuses for not writing. I was at lunch today, and when my lunch mate asked me how the writing was going, the truth leaped from my lips. "I'm stuck," I said. Truth is, I'm so far from my outline I'm going to need a road map and a guide to get back. But now that I've admitted it, I can at least grapple with the problem.

Although, I must admit, I was hoping that writing this would be cathartic, would be like a breath of fresh air. But it's not, because I'm still stuck, damnit!
By the way, no cats were harmed in the writing of this blog.
Sleep tight...

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Wolf Man

I got my second book blurb, and this one is a doozie... Wow, I can't believe I used that word. I have never used that word before. Hmm. My age is showing.

Anyway, I got another blurb for my novel, not from The Wolf Man, but from Award winning comic book writer, Marv Wolfman, creator of Blade and The New Teen Titans. Marv had a lot of nice things to say. I broke it up into three sound bites for you to see. Thanks for the blurb, Marv. You rock! And special thanks to my good friend, Michael Davis, for securing the blurb for me. Here it is:

...When the boy you’re palm-sweating crazy about is a zombie and you’re not, well, there might be relationship complications. And if you didn’t fit in before, why would you expect to now when you’ve got the whole not being undead thing working against you?

...Never Slow Dance With A Zombie is an inspired comedy-horror novel by E. Van Lowe that hysterically points out there isn’t that much difference between not fitting in in High School because you’re a bit different from everyone else, and not fitting in because you’re not one of the walking undead.

Van Lowe’s prose is fun and funny as well as insightful, and his story is filled the kind of antic bizarreness that definitely is High School, whether you’re a guy, a girl or a Zombie.

I think it's cool. I know we can't put it all on the book jacket. What do you think? Enquiring minds want to know.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blurbquest II

This morning when I woke up I found a wonderful surprise in my email box. My first blurb. I was nervous when I saw the email title. I wondered what he'd say. Actually I was way more nervous when he told me he had to read the book, and if he didn't like it, no blurb. I guess somewhere inside I knew this. But when he said it--and in an email no less--I could feel the sweat.

That was way back in December. I have tried not to bug the few people I have cornered into doing blurbs for fear I would lose them. So yesterday when he wrote he finally had time to look at the book, and he was enjoying it, my initial fear went away. Now, I wondered if I'd like the blurb.

And I do!!!

Here it is, from Jim Bernstein, Executive Producer/Writer of the animated sitcom, American Dad:
"Mean Girls" meets "Night of the Living Dead". As frightening, tumultuous and hilarious as actual adolescence!

I realize none of you have read the book, but wouldn't this blurb make you want to check it out? Thanks, Jim. This really means a lot to me.

I hear I have another blurb coming next week. Unfortunately the life-altering blurb I was so excited about getting didn't come through. But there's still hope he'll change his mind... And Joss Whedon, if you're reading this, give a brother a holler. A blurb from you or Meg Cabot would make my year.

Guys, this is one of those days where I feel like I'm really on my way. I did it! I'm a YA author. Tomorrow I meet with my web designer to finalize the new website. I will sleep well tonight. You do the same.

Sleep tight, don't let the zombies bite.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am over the Monday blahs. Which is good since I have so much to do this week. Did a little writing today, and I heard from a TV writer friend I asked to write a blurb, and it sounds like one is coming. So, Blurbquest continues, but I may be over the no blurb hump. Yay! Off to a meeting.

Sleep tight...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Basketballed Out

I had a great weekend of watching basketball. I rooted for all the underdogs, including my Alma Mater, USC, who won in the first round but lost yesterday. I rooted for the underdogs despite the fact I picked very few of them on my bracket sheet. It made the weekend fun, even though by end of yesterday they had all lost.

But I didn't spend the entire weekend on b-ball. While ODing on hoops, I took the time to go through the typeset text galleys my editor sent a few weeks ago. I know. It's about time, huh? I wasn't supposed to look for typos, just things I felt no longer worked after seeing them in galley form. I didn't have any big changes (I know my editor will be glad to hear that). So I'm sending the marked pages off to her today. I think the next time I see the book it will be in official galley form.

On one hand I can't wait. On the other, I'm getting nervous. I really, really, really want people to like it. It's a strange take on a zombie tale, and I'm starting to feel the flop sweat--thinking I may have made a huge mistake I can NEVER take back. Once it's out there... it's out there. That can be good AND bad.

I thought I'd feel exhilarated, my first YA novel is about to be published. Maybe it's just the Monday blahs. I hope so. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Sleep tight...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Madness

I'd like to thank everyone who left comments about the Zombie Love artwork I posted last week. I got some great suggestions for prizes to make available on my website. Sam's suggestion of cards with quotes from the book is my favorite. This wasn't a contest, but I guess she's the winner. So, Sam, right now we're planing on putting 3-5 cards in a pack. As soon as we launch we'll be sending some cool premiums your way. Thanks

This will be my last post until about this time next week. My very important reason--my basketball jones is about to kick-in, and I will be deeply immersed in the NCAA basketball tournament which begins on Thursday. It's not like I have a big bet on it, or anything. I don't even have a small bet on it. This tournament just happens to be my biggest vice... that I'm willing to admit.

If you have a favorite pick, I'd love to hear it. I graduated from USC, and will be rooting for them, but I don't think they have a chance. I will only be responding to basketball related comments this week. So, come on engage me.

Sleep tight...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zombie Love

Isn't this adorable?

This is the Zombie Love artwork I told you about, created for me by Tatiana. I will feature it on merchandise that can be won (that means it's free) on my up-coming website. T-shirts, mugs... but what else could we see it on? You tell me. Maybe you can win something... No, silly, not a new car.

Sleep tight, don't let the zombies bite.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Countdown To Zombie Love

I spent the entire day in San Diego meeting with some Fox TV execs for a friend. It was a two and a half hour drive down from LA, and the same coming back, so I didn't do ANY writing until I got home after 5:30. But I still turned out 3 killer pages. It seems operation no-social-networking is succeeding. I have cut down on my social networking and turned up my page count. If I keep this up I can complete the first draft of the new book by end of May. Yipee!

I'm blogging tonight because I am very excited about my first promotion on my up-coming website. It's the Zombie Love promotion. In the novel, Never Slow Dance With A Zombie, Margot chooses the most popular kid at school (who is now a zombie) to be her boyfriend. She has a list of reasons why a zombie boyfriend is better than a real boyfriend. That fun, yet truthful list will be on the new site as well.

Anyway, in honor of Margot's relationship (or any zombie relationship--come on ladies, haven't some of the guys you've dated been real zombies?) I will be giving away merchandise on the new website. The merchandise will feature the simple, yet adorable, Zombie Love drawing done by the amazing Tatiana. What merchandise will I be giving away, you ask?
That's where you come in.
Checkout the artwork in tomorrow's post, and tell me what you'd like to see it on. Hopefully you like it... Oh, of course you'll like it. Like I said, it's adorable. And maybe you can win some free merchandise.
I can really use your help gang. Thanks.

Sleep tight, don't let the zombies bite.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Back For A Return Engagement

My editor sent me the typeset text galleys of my new novel to review the other day. Can you believe it? Never Slow Dance With A Zombie is now set in type. Yowzah!

Although she told me the last time I received the pages it would be The Last Time I could make changes. Now she's saying this is the very last time I can make changes and only small changes at that. But you know how it is when you review something--you always see things you can change.

I am trying to be philosophical about this. I wrote the novel two and a half years ago. I am almost finished with my third YA, and yet, each time I return to this--my first--I want to make it better. I know I need to move on. Proof it, add a few small things that can make it pop and that's it. But I so want it to be exciting, fun and entertaining for my fans... okay, would-be fans. And I don't want it to stink... I'll just have to trust my gut on this one.

Wish me luck.

Sleep tight.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just Say No!

I have just discovered the true purpose of MySpace, Facebook and Twitter--to keep us from doing ANYTHING constructive with our lives! I now believe these social networks were invented by those Hulu aliens to turn our brains to mush, and keep us from achieving our goals.

Case in point, since signing up for twitter my writing output is down 50%. FIFTY f**#@ing PERCENT!!! But ask me what Meg Cabot did today. In fact, ask me what she did fifteen minutes ago... You know, now that I think about it, I believe Meg Cabot is behind all this social networking. Yes! That's it! She's trying to eliminate the competition.

Well, it's not going to work--at least not with me. Starting tomorrow I am only checking my social networking sites once a day... okay, once an hour (let's not go crazy). You heard me--ONCE! At least until I increase my work output.

And those of you who find yourselves twittering your time away with social networking instead of something constructive, it's time to--JUST SAY NO!

And if you happen to catch me on MySpace, Facebook or Twitter, please remind me I have more important things to do. And if you'd like, I will do the same for you.

Sleep tight, don't let the zombies bite.

*For those of you who care, Meg Cabot had lunch with Judy Blume today. I know... I'm sick.