Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Heaven Sent Cover Reveal

First off, this is not the cover for the latest book in The Falling Angel's Saga.  Heaven forbid. Get it?  Heaven forbid/Heaven Sent??? Anyways, the cover for my latest, Heaven Sent, is spectacular, even  more spectacular than my earlier covers, and you know how spectacular those were.  This cover is so spectacular that I'm holding a cover reveal contest to help get the word out.  Yes, you heard me right, a cover reveal contest.  You bloggers are going to want to host the reveal of this gorgeous new cover on your blog; first, because it's beautiful, and second, because you can win some neat prizes.  What are the prize?  First, checkout the Heaven Sent back cover blurb and then let's reconvene:

What Does It All Mean?
 Readers who devoured Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel will be captivated by the third book in the Falling Angels Saga.
As summer break for Glendale Union high begins, heartsick Megan awaits Guy's return while struggling to control her emerging abilities.  Love is in the air, but can the new loves in Megan, Maudrina, Suze and Aunt' Jaz's life be trusted? Nothing is what it seems.  Meanwhile, the Satanists are set to hatch their most diabolical scheme ever, and if it comes to pass, Satan may finally win out.

Megan has precious little time to unravel the cryptic message hidden in the riddle she received at the end of Earth Angel. If she doesn’t, the life of someone most dear to her will be lost forever, and Megan may yet find herself living in HELL.

“The third book in E. Van Lowe’s Falling Angels Saga is his most thrilling yet.”
Sounds exciting, doesn't it? If you're not already a fan of The Falling Angels Saga you need to get up to speed.  I won't bore you with what reviewers are saying about these funny yet thrilling books, instead here's a downloadable free sample of the first book Boyfriend From Hell, so you can judge for yourself.  Once you've read it and loved it--obviously--go here to purchase the ebook at a shamefully low price for such a great value: AMAZON.   And if you happen to be boycotting Amazon go here: B&N.

Back to the contest.  Everyone, yes everyone who participates in the cover reveal will receive an autographed copy of my latest Heaven Sent FREE.  And because I'm getting into the holiday spirit a little early, I'm throwing in a free copy of my September release, the first book in my Hollyweird series, The Zombie Always Knocks Twice.  And if you're not into destroying trees, or like reading your books digitally, I will send your FREE copies to your Kindle or Nook (sorry The Zombie Always Knocks Twice is not available on Nook). 

But here's the catch, I'm only giving these books to 10 bloggers, so I will need 10, yes TEN participants.    First come, first served.  To qualify, your blog must have at least 100 followers.  That's it.  This contest is available internationally.  I want to get the word out about Heaven Sent worldwide. If you're interested in participating, don't leave it in the comments, instead, email me here: info@evanlowe.com.  Reveal my new cover and win two free books.

More neat stuff to come as my pub date approaches.  And if you'd like to know more about me, my books, and what else I'm up to, please stop by my website: http://evanlowe.com



  1. Sent email! So excited for this last book! :)

  2. Soooo exciting! I cannot wait to see the cover!

  3. looking forward to seeing the cover, but I will bow out of the contest. you need 10 people who have a lot of followers and have blogs that concentrate on books more!

  4. Aaaaww, I would have joined if my blog had 100 followers. Pretty new in the book blogging biz. :P