Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It Starts!

Yesterday I met with my new publisher. That's right, not my agent, or my editor, but my publisher. One of the advantages of being with a small press is you get to hang out with the big wigs. Over a light lunch we discussed the rewrite of my up-coming novel, Boyfriend From Hell.

As I drove to the meeting a feeling of dread came over me. I kept thinking he was going to tell me he'd changed his mind about publishing me. He'd had the holidays to think about it, and had invited me to lunch to give me the bad news. Even though I knew this was my paranoia kicking in, I couldn't stop thinking it.

When I got to The Spitfire Grill (that's the real name) he was already seated. He greeted me with a warm handshake, and said he was hungry. He hasn't mentioned my book. Uh-oh. My paranoia was suddenly turned way up.

After some small talk he pulled out a folder, removed some pages and proceeded to give me a few notes. *Big sigh of relief*

After several minutes of note taking, I said "So, we're good?"
He looked up a bit puzzled. "Yes. Of course."
"You still want to publish my book?"
"Yes. I'm very excited about it. I was wondering how you were going to feel getting notes from me."

At that point I was thinking: "If you're not firing me, you can give me all the notes you want." I also think that's when I relaxed and ordered a beer.

And so it starts. The rewriting process. The novel is still scheduled to come out in September. He even told me his graphic artist was reading the manuscript to get some ideas on cover art. You may recall I mentioned in an earlier post I'd be having a cover contest. I think we're going to get to see four covers, and you (along with me) are going to weigh in on which cover you think would make someone actually want to purchase the book. I'm not sure what the contest or prize will be. Something cool for sure.

The four book covers in the photo above are rejected cover choices for my first novel, Never Slow Dance With A Zombie. I saw the covers on Irene Gallo's website, art director for Tor, Forge and Starscape Books. I got news of the covers after Tor (my publisher) had chosen the one currently on the book. Now don't get me wrong. I think they made the right choice. I LOVE my book cover. But wouldn't it have been cool if I could have been included in the process? That's what's going to happen with my new publisher. I will have a hand in the process, and I will share that hand with you. WE will be the art department. I love it!

Okay, enough rambling. Gotta get to work. The rewriting process begins today. Stay tuned.


  1. Oh my gosh! I hope you will let me review your book for my blogs. :) Came across you today and am now a follower. I am a bookseller and avid book reviewer and blogger. Zombies are a personal love. Check out my Zombie Girl Shambling Blog. (http://zombiegirlshambling.blogspot.com/)

    Seriously, congrats on your book deal and all the best for your rewrites. If you can add me to the publisher list for a galley or arc, I would love to spread the love. :)



  2. Hi Dana, thanks for checking in. Love the little zombies stalking your blog. Yes, I'd love for you to review the new novel. Hope you will participate in one of my contests as well. Stay tuned.

  3. Looks like you've got a lot of work ahead of you, but it's all exciting nonetheless. How fun that you're letting your followers help you choose your cover! What an interactive experience!

    Congratulations on your latest book deal. So glad to hear the publisher didn't change his mind ;)

  4. E, if someone gave you a million dollars you would think about the taxes and not the million bucks!

    Lighten up dude!


    BTW-taxes on a million bucks is NUTS!

  5. Great post! I'm a longtime fan and am enjoying your journey to publication. PS: the new book sounds great! Congrats and enjoy the ride...

  6. Hey Rusty, just read your blog post on Synopsis. I hate writing them, but I know my publisher is going to ask for one. Great advice. Thanks.