Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Purple Couch

I am a story junkie.

It’s true. But as writers and readers, aren’t we all story junkies? Everyone loves a good story. One that makes them laugh, or moves them to tears, or makes them think. That’s why we read; that’s why we write. We love stories.

Okay, so here’s my story about how I got involved with The Purple Couch. What is The Purple Couch? You’ll have to read my little story to find out:

About a month ago I got a call from my friend, Bruce Jones, telling me about a project he had been working on. It was a platform for telling stories. Bruce wanted to know if I could help the creators get the project on TV. Now Bruce knows I’m a story junkie, so he dangled just enough carrot for me to say: “Send it to me, and I’ll give it a look.”

Several days later a DVD arrived. It was a simple concept: A purple couch shows up on your street, in your mall, on the beach, at your school, and invites you to sit down and share a brief story about a defining moment in your life. Simple enough, right?

I popped in the DVD, watched the man sitting on the couch telling his story, and was moved to tears. I thought: “What a terrific story.” In days Bruce set up a conference call for me to meet the creators, Michael and Cheryl Johnson, over the phone. Yesterday they came to up LA, and over burgers I met them in person. They are sweet, kind, thoughtful. Not your typical TV producers. I fell in love with them instantly. I even love their log line: One Couch, Many Voices: stories from America’s Living Room.

Please click on the link (The Purple Couch Trailer) and check out the beautiful trailer they put together for the show, and let me know what you think.

I can’t wait to share some of these stories with you. So over the next few weeks I may post a video clip or two, along with a progress report on our journey to TV.

I have a lot to share with you this year, what with Boyfriend From Hell being published, the Never Slow Dance With A Zombie movie progress, and now this.

There’s an old saying that everyone has at least one great story in them. With The Purple Couch you are going to hear some of those wonderful stories being told.


  1. Great Story. Can't wait to hear more. Hope you are successful in getting The Purple Couch on TV!

  2. terrific idea for OWN - don't you think?

  3. Yes. That's where we are headed. Thanks.

  4. Oops--posted in the wrong place. Beautiful trailer--I want to hear the stories!

  5. Oh, I adore it! Partly because my bestest (yup, it's a word) friend had a purple couch very similar to that one so I already feel like I can relate.
    Second, the dog in that pic remind me of my American Bulldog, Rooney.
    For those 2 reasons alone I'd support it.
    Well, okay, and the good stories idea seems pretty good too. ;)

  6. That sounds like an amazing idea and a show I would totally watch. I hope you guys do get it up on OWN!