Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Baaack!

I'm back from the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association Trade Show. I had a blast. I met a bunch of new friends, including Tor's super hot director of publicity, Patty Garcia. This was my first trade show, but Patty made sure I didn't miss a step. She is on it! I signed lots of books, and met some very cool fans and booksellers. Because of this show I now plan to do an event in Northern Cal in the very near future. So Stay tuned. And thanks so much, Patty, for making things go so smoothly.

The highlight of my weekend in Northern Cal, however, was my Friday night dinner with blogger Velvet of VVB Reads. Velvet is the brains behind September Zombies. If you don't know about September Zombies, it's an awesome blog with lots of fun things for zombie book and movie fans. The blog helped spread the word about Never Slow Dance With A Zombie, and we were celebrating its success. Click here: September Zombies. I had a wonderful dinner with Velvet and Her husband, where I spilled some details about what's coming up in the world of E. Van Lowe. For more on the dinner, and a photo of me and Velvet, check out Velvet's blog Click here: vvb32 reads: Dinner with E at B in O.

BTW: is my nose really that big?

Twitter Contest

The Never Slow Dance With A Zombie Twitter Contest ended with a bang, with nearly 300 tweets for the Grand Prize. The prize went to Truebookaddict. One of my favorite of her tweets was: To NEVER SLOW DANCE WITH A ZOMBIE could be considered discrimination!
How true! Congratulations, Truebookaddict! And I'd like to send out a final thank you to The Park Avenue Princess for hosting the contest. The tremendous success of the contest is due to her and her followers. Thank you, Princess!
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That's it for now, but please check back tomorrow when I will be officially announcing the Never Slow Dance With A Zombie Fest and telling you how you can get on the star studded guest list.

Until then, sleep tight, don't let the zombies bite.

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  1. LOL - no! your nose is fine! hey! looking forward to the Northern California event. woo-hoo!