Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Final Day

That's right! Today is the final day of tweeting for the Never Slow Dance With A Zombie Twitter Contest. Yesterday the title Never Slow Dance With A Zombie was tweeted 253 times, pushing our 5 day tweet total to just over 3500 tweets.

I want to thank everyone who has tweeted the title over the past 5 days. The contest has been a huge success. The Park Avenue Princess and I are overwhelmed with gratitude. But it's not over yet. You still have til midnight Eastern time to get your tweets in. Just one tweet not only qualifies you to win you a free book, but also qualifies you for the grand prize of an Amazon gift card for $54.90, which happens to be the cover price of all 6 books added together.

Today's winner is Fayeflame. Faye tweeted sage advice, such as: NEVER SLOW DANCE WITH A ZOMBIE unless u meet his parents 1st. And: NEVER SLOW DANCE WITH A ZOMBIE unless he has an AWESOME car. Great advice, Faye, and congratulations.

The rest of you slackers, if you haven't tweeted at least once, today is the final day to get in on the fun. What are you waiting for?

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