Monday, June 15, 2009

Zombie Photo Contest

I am having a new contest on my website that starts today. If you like taking (or posing) for photos, and you like zombies (and who doesn't) this contest is for you. Check it out:

Friendship and love are in the air. And so are zombies! Let's celebrate by posting photos of you and your favorite zombie to the website... And if you are your favorite zombie, how about a photo of you and your non zombie best friend or boyfriend, or mother and daughter. Let's show off our Zombie Love this summer. I will post as many photos as I can on the website. I hope we get a lot. The winners will be chosen by a guest panel (to be announced). Winners will be chosen weekly. The contest will run for three weeks, so there will be 3 winners--one each week. Winners will receive a Never Slow Dance With A Zombie Swag-Bag. The bags will include a free autographed ARC of Never Slow Dance With A Zombie, a $20 Starbucks gift card (gotta have coffee to keep from falling asleep during the zombie invasion), some neat Zombie Love note cards, and other goodies.

Cool, huh? The contest is open to all subscribers, so if you haven't subscribed yet, why not drop by, sign up and download some photos. Click here: E. Van Lowe

And if you just want to be a voyeur that's cool, too. This should be big zombie fun.

Also, I will be posting a Never Slow Dance With A Zombie outtake on Thursday. Want to see what didn't make it into the book? Check back on Thursday. All for now.

Sleep tight, don't let the zombies bite.


  1. It is. You and Michelle should get zombified!!! Unless you can get Aaron to do it ;)

  2. I'll have to work on both of them. I have to restock my theater makeup.