Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a part of my life.

I am older than most of you, so I remember Michael Jackson when he was a gifted child. I danced to the Jackson Five, partied to Off The Wall and Thrilled to his Thriller album. I watched that Thriller video every time my local video show (I didn't have MTV at the time) played it, and marvelled at it. It was like watching a movie.

I have an homage to MJ in Never Slow Dance With A Zombie. This is not a shameless plug for my book. The Thriller scene (with the song playing) in my book is an homage to a great musician who had a profound effect on my life.

What a sad day. Farah Fawcett and now Michael. It makes you aware of how fragile our time here can be.

Thank you, Michael Jackson, for a boat load of happy memories. Your time on this earth was thrilling.


  1. Man, I've been teary all night. I think Michael was the first pop star I ever idolized. I mean it went beyond the crush. I threw a fit when I didn't get the red and black jacket and I used to spend hours trying to copy his dance moves.

    I still have my original "Thriller" tape. Apparently, the last time I listened to it I was likely in the middle of Pretty Young Thing.

    I remember watching the Thriller video when it first came out. It scared the hell out of me but I loved it. I think this was the frist time I saw a zombie sequence or anything remotely scary.

    Sigh... damn...

  2. It's been such a weird and sad day. I feel like my childhood is dying. Two great '80s icons gone. It just feels surreal.

  3. I'm Only 21 But I've Been In Love With MJ Since I Could Remember.. I Have All Of His CD's And Love Them To Pieces!!! My Mom Used To Listen To Him All The Time... I Cried My Eyes Out When They Said He Passed... I Honestly Can't Stop Crying...


  4. R.I.P. Michael, I miss him :(