Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Are You Following The Fear?

Several weeks ago, I read a blog post by marketing professor, Ann Handley, entitled Follow the Fear.  In the post, Handley recounts how she was invited to speak in front of a large group and originally turned it down.  She didn’t turn it down because she was busy, or because she’s afraid of speaking in front of large groups.  Ann makes her living speaking in front of groups.  She turned it down because the subject they asked her to speak on—herself—was scary. 

The piece got me thinking about how many times along the road of life I’ve stayed on the path of comfort.  I can tell you that leaving New York and moving to Southern California, where I knew one person, a distant cousin, to begin a career in writing of all things, was not comfortable for me.  Yet, it’s my career that’s given me everything I have.  Most times, when I’ve ventured outside my comfort zone, good things have happened.  Even the idea of putting my TV career on hold to write a young adult novel turned out well.  I wouldn’t be here chatting on this blog if I hadn’t ventured outside the old comfort zone. 
Lately, especially since I’ve been getting older and more set in my ways, I’ve been opting for lots of comfort.  Reading Ann Handley’s piece has given me pause.  If I truly want greater success, I must be willing to do what those Star Trek guys did and go where no man had gone before… or at least, where I haven’t gone before.  My question to you is how willing are you to venture outside your comfort zone?  I hope this short piece makes you think about it.  Greater success can be waiting just around the corner, but you’ll probably have to go beyond your comfort zone to find it. 

I hope this piece makes those of you who are fat and happy in your comfort zones, think. And here’s the link to Ann Handley’s blog post, complete with video from the speaking engagement she originally turned down. I hope it inspires you just as it has inspired me.  Thanks: FollowThe Fear

I’d love to hear from you about your own comfort zone challenges.

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  1. I understand that Survival is a spirit and a mechanisim from a primitive time. To become fearful turns on a deeper instinct. To become fearless, one has to be exposed to higher change. They must suffer and indure in order to become greater. Its all apart of this crazy ecosystem we call life. Animals that sense fear survive a predator and is then rewarded to pass on its legacy via offspring. I think sometimes humans have gotten too smart for its own good and always conclude that comfort of living is always the best solution. Sometimes you just have to jump without a net! :-)