Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boyfriend From Hell Ebook Pre-Sale

I have had my good friend Tatiana at Creative Force Group do a total redesign of my website to more suit my personality, and to help promote the books.  Please check it out, and then come back and leave a comment.  I know you’re all going to love it.  http://evanlowe.com/ Tatiana is an awesome person and her prices are reasonable.  If you’re looking for awesome web design and your budget is tight, she’s your man… er wo-man. Creative Force Group.

Ebook Presale

My most exciting news is that my publisher is so excited about the prospects of Boyfriend From Hell that we are holding an ebook pre-sale.  From now until August 31st the Kindle and Nook versions of the book will be just $2.99.  On September 1st (when all the advertising starts) the book will return to it's original price.  If you have a Kindle or Nook now is the perfect time to buy.  Blogger reviews so far have been quite positive.  If you'd like to see some reviews go here: REVIEWS
It would also be quite generous if a few of you could tweet  the information about the sale to your followers. I’d like to prime the sales pump a bit before September.  The book can be purchased on my website  http://evanlowe.com.

Thanks for your support.



  1. Love the look of the new website. especially like that you gave "Sal Conte" his very own page- LOL
    Looking forward to reading Boyfriend From Hell.
    Hope you are enjoying the end of summer.. Lisa (lasergirl70)

  2. I will tweet about this...how cool. Love the look of your website and the blog. Very cool. Oh, and I'm almost done with Boyfriend from Hell. I'll be in touch ASAP.


  3. Thanks Lisa and Lauren. Lisa, I look forward to meeting you at the launch party. It's going to be a blast.

    Lauren, I am excited to be working with you. Hope you're enjoying the book. Thanks for tweeting my news.

  4. Wow this is a good news! YOu must be really excited for the launch party! YAY.

  5. I'm a follower just stopping by to say hello. I'm sharing your post on My Life.'s face book page. Be sure to 'like' and post your book updates for everyone there. Donna


  6. Hey there! This is Jen from Book Blogs- I love your blog and read the same for Boyfriend from Hell and totally had to buy the e-book, it definitely hooks you into the story right away!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog and I am glad you liked it! For Amanda Hocking (My Blood Approves) check out my reviews for her Hollowland book and also have some news on Michael Grant's Gone series!


  7. *read the sample- sorry got a little carried away in my excitement there to talk about it and then couldn't edit/remove the post :)

    definitely looked forward to reading it!! let me know if you are looking for people to review it!