Monday, September 21, 2009

The Seven Sisters

Saturday I discovered the Seven Sisters. At first when I heard the name I thought "What a great title for a novel or a story. I am going to use that." However, after hearing more about the Seven Sisters, I realized it was more than a great title. It was already a great story.

The Seven Sisters is a winery in Paternoster, South Africa. The wine is produced by sisters who, during apartheid, were evicted from their home in a small fishing village. They returned 22 years later and now produce seven wines, each named for one of the sisters.

For a compelling news clip about the Seven Sisters: Click here: YouTube - SABC News: Seven Sisters Wine (Paternoster, South Africa)

Wine making is a male dominated business. The winery has had its share of challenges, and so I am asking my wine drinking friends and followers to find out if Seven Sisters wines are available in your area. If you are a member of Wine Snooth they can sus it out for you.

I realize South Africa is not known for wine. But for too many years, what SA had been known for is discrimination. In some small way you can help right that wrong. Please go out and buy a bottle, and while you're at it, tell a friend. You can help give the story of the Seven Sisters a happy ending.


  1. Ooh. Sounds cool. I'll have to give the wines a shot. I'm big on trying out new wines.

  2. You should definitely try Seven Sisters....soon. I heard about them at the beginning of the year and now I am a HUGE fan. They have something for everyone...from white to red, including the nicely sweet Odelia (Bukettraube).

    You can also buy them at