Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today I went to a reading/signing of my friend and USC colleague, Madelyn Cain's new biography Laffit. It's the true story of Laffit Pincay Jr.,hall of fame jockey. The reading was held at Vroman's book store in Pasadena, California. It was a hot day here in LA, and even hotter in Pasadena. But the ride to Pasadena was pleasant. No traffic. No traffic is a God send in Southern Cal.

Madelyn was happy to see me. In private she told me she woke up in the middle of the night fearing nobody would show up. I told her I have the same fears for my reading in August. But she had no reason to fear. The reading was very well attended, by at least 50 people, and many of them bought books, So I know Vroman's was happy.

Madelyn read one short chapter from the book, then brought Laffit up to take questions with her. Afterwards they both signed books. I didn't hang around to chat, and since I was first in line to get my book signed, I was back on the road in about an hour.

I was happy to support another writer, and even happier to support a friend and colleague. But I had a double secret reason for going to the reading. While I have attended many readings over the years, I have never paid attention to the details. I'm the kind of guy that as a passenger in a car can go to a place 10 times and still not know how to get there. Once I drive I'm cool, but as a passenger, I don't pay attention. [I know ladies, you hate this about men. I've heard it before] Anyway, now that I'm about to have a reading of my own coming up, I observed everything: what kind of refreshments; how long she read; how long they answered questions; what kind of support the book store offered. Everything!

Before the reading, Madelyn told me she was going to read for fourteen minutes. Isn't that rather short? I want to read a little longer, but I did like how things moved along at her reading. How long should I read? I'd like to hear your thoughts. I'm sure you guys have been to lots of readings and probably paid better attention than I did. Let's face it, the last thing I want to do is read to the point of boredom. The chapter that Madelyn read was short but gripping. If you'd like to know more about her book, or buy it, go here:Click here: LAFFIT: Anatomy of a Winner: Madelyn Cain: Books

On another note I Heart Monster showcased Never Slow Dance With A Zombie in the website's Ambitious Edition. I saw it this morning, and was really pleased. Thanks Shesten for doing this. I really appreciate it. Those of you who'd like to check it out please click on the link.
By the way, the photo at the top is of Laura Ingles, famed author of Little House In The Big Woods, surrounded by adoring fans.

All for now. Sleep tight, don't forget to write.

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  1. I've never actually been to a reading before, so I don't know what is standard. I'm glad to hear that your friends signing went well.