Monday, July 27, 2009


We had big fun at Comic-Con, and met some new fans. Even Batman is now a fan of Never Slow Dance With A Zombie. A special thanks to the Zombiettes for helping get the word out.
*Sigh* But now it's time to get back to work. I'd like to finish the draft of the new book by the end of next week. Is this just wishful thinking? Hope not.


  1. I really wish to read Never Slow Dance With A Zombie!!!

    hehe great picture ^^

  2. Hi Taschima. Thanks for the interest in NSDWAZ. VVB Reads is giving a copy away in a contest right now. I just read about it. If you are interested go to

    If the contest isn't for you the book comes out on August 18th. Sorry I don't have anymore ARCs.