Friday, July 17, 2009

Meet The Zombiettes

If you or anyone you know is planning on attending Comic Con International, in San Diego next week (July 23-26) please look for the Never Slow Dance With A Zombie street team--The Zombiettes. I am very happy (and fortunate) to announce that the 3 lovely teens in the above photo (Left to right: Ingrid, Jasmine, Anisa) will be roaming the floor at Comic Con, giving out Never Slow Dance With A Zombie keepsakes (book marks & buttons. And maybe posters if I get them from my publisher in time). I call them the Zombiettes because that's the nick name Margot (the protagonist in my book) gave to the hated it- girl zombies.

I have a STREET TEAM! I can't believe my luck because I can't afford to hire a street team, but these girls were going to the Con (one of them is Tatiana's sister) and wanted something to do. Can you believe they volunteered? I am paying them a little something, but far less than anyone would pay a street team. How lucky am I, huh? So if you are going to the Con please look for them. They will be wearing Never Slow Dance With A Zombie t-shirts. If you see them please say hi, tell them what a great job they're doing, and grab some of the free swag they're giving away while it lasts.

Oh, and I have a new contest starting right now. If you say "Margot sent me" to any of the girls you could win a free NSDWAZ ARC. If only one person says the secret sentence they will win the book. If a bunch of you out there spot the girls, they will take your names and I will have a drawing for the ARC. If no one approaches them I will give the ARC away in another contest in a few weeks .

I will be at Comic Con myself Friday afternoon and Saturday. If you want to find me, I will be tweeting from the floor. If you're not following me on Twitter, now is a good reason to. I love going to Comic Con. San Diego is beautiful this time of year. The movie and TV panels are awesome, and they give away a boat load of cool, free swag. And to top it all off, I have a good friend who is a big shot in the comic book biz. It's great hanging out with him in his element. I kinda get the big shot treatment when I'm around him. Yeah! I Can't wait for next week. Hope to see some of you there.


  1. Ohh that's so cool E. that you have your little entourage with you! Too bad I can't join, I'm so damn far! ;]

  2. Hopefully I will do a reading in New York. I really want to. And if I do, you MUST come.