Saturday, March 5, 2011

We Have A Winner!

See that heart? That's the love I am feeling for all you guys. Thank you so much for participating in my cover contest. I had over 100 responses across four blogs. The responses varied from those of you who loved certain covers, to those who hated all of them. Everyone of your responses is important to me, and was seriously considered. One cover, however, had an overwhelmingly positive response. That response was reflected across all four blogs. So I am now announcing that the cover of my new novel, Boyfriend From Hell, will be this one:

This cover design was not my first choice, mainly because it's a cartoon cover, and I like photographs. But after reading your responses I have to agree that it will stand out in a crowd. I hope those of you who didn't choose this cover will still support the book. It's a good, fun, paranormal read.

The two winners of the prizes for this contest are: Lulilut (who I believe has also won at least one of my Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenges), and Pamela Kaye. You each win your choice of a Boyfriend From Hell ARC, or the lovely I Survived A Boyfriend From Hell t-shirt. Please send your prize preference and mailing address to me at The ARCs are not available yet, we are finishing up the final edit, so you will have to wait about a month or so. The t-shirts are available now.

Starting some time soon I will be having a series of guest posts from my friends and followers telling brief, humorous bad boyfriend experience stories. I have four guests lined up so far. If any of you would like to guest here and share your boyfriend experience please let me know in the comments. Leave your email, and I will tell you what you need to do. You don't have to limit it to boyfriends per se. It can be a bad date, a bad blind date, an idiot who annoyed you at a club, anything bad about a guy, but with a humorous spin. All guests whose stories I choose will receive the I Survived A Boyfriend From Hell tee just for participating.

Of course, all of these fun posts and contests are leading up to the publication of Boyfriend From Hell in September. Please, please, support the book.
I'd also like to send a special shout-out to the bloggers who helped out with the contest. Each of you will receive a t-shirt as a token of my appreciation. The bloggers are:

Velvet at VVB Reads

Dottie at Tink's Place

and Titania86 at Fishmuffins of Doom

Thanks again everyone, and stay tuned.



  1. Thank you so very much! I sent you my info and I'm looking forward to reading the ARC.

    Tt was fun to choose a favorite cover and to read about other people's choices and why that cover was their favorite.

  2. got my tee! thanks.
    looking forward to the reading the ARC.