Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GuestPost: Tatiana El Khouri

Today I am pleased to announce that my first guest post telling her Boyfriend From Hell story is my good friend Tatiana. Tatiana is not just my friend, she's also my web designer, a talented floral arranger and an artist who painted the cover art for my novella, I Want You Back! That's right, the cover for I Want You Back! is an oil painting. She's obviously an awesome person, and I am happy to have her as a friend. For more on what she's been up to go here: Creative Force Group.

I call Tatiana's dating story, Cyber Spy. Here's Tatiana:

Tati: I was fresh out of college and anxious to delve into the business world as an entrepreneur. I soon discovered that holding down a job and pursuing my own art business left me with little time to date. One day I was talking to a friend and fellow business owner who had a burgeoning empire and a pretty good dating life. "How do you do it?" I asked. "How do you pursue your goals and still find the time to meet guys?"

Her answer was: "Online dating."

The hopeless romantic in me tried clinging to the notion that the man of my dreams would come riding into my life on a white horse. No way did I see him emailing into my life over the internet. Yet, after a little convincing, I found myself setting up my online profile. I have to admit, I was actually surprised at the caliber of guys and the ease of the process.

One day I got a message from a user who seemed great on paper. Amazing education and a great job. Shortly afterward we started talking on the phone. To my surprise, the chemistry was great. We found ourselves finishing each others sentences. At night I would go to sleep exhausted from hours of great conversations that ranged from random trivia, to my favorite movies, all the way to politics. I was quite impressed! We even found out we had some of the same friends. There was an uncanny sense of comfort.

I was on cloud nine. Until he slipped.

We were talking late one night and he asked if I was going to a specific event. Well, I was. But how did he know? I never mentioned it to him. Nor had I ever mentioned that group of friends. For the first time, I got a creepy chill. I couldn't figure out how he knew about the event. I questioned it a little, and then I let it slide.

However, the more I thought about, the more it bothered me. So what did I do? The only thing a girl could do... I Confronted him!

After much stalling he finally admitted to doing a background check on me. He said he was worried I wasn’t who I said I was. Bull! He did a background so that he could be perfect for me. No wonder he was finishing all my sentences. He had collected a dossier on me. The chemistry was fixed. I felt so duped!

Needless to say, I stopped returning his calls and emails. I ran into him a few years later at a party. He looked familiar but I couldn’t place him, until he asked how my art and my house was. I walked straight away from him to my girlfriend that recommended online dating in first place, and sarcastically thanked her for giving me a great story to tell.

Thanks Tatiana for sharing your story. If any of you reading this would like to be a guest and share your dating horror story with me, leave your contact info in the comments. All guests will receive a beautiful I Survived A Boyfriend From Hell t-shirt just for participating.


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