Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slumdogs & Zombies

It's Hollywood's big night--The Academy Awards. I'm having chips and guac and tequila at my exclusive Oscar party. That hot ticket event will be starting soon right on my sofa. Oh, yeah!

I spoke to my brother earlier today, who like most of us, is picking Slumdog Millionaire to take home the big prize. It's a great movie and I'd like to see it win. But I have a second reason I think Danny Boyle should win the big prize. He was the film maker behind Twenty-Eight Days Later. One of the best zombie movies ever, Ever, EVER!


Face it, we know the academy is never going to give an Oscar to a zombie movie--at least not until they give one to MY zombie movie. Heh-heh! So we, the zombie movie fans of America, will accept this Slumdog Millionaire award in honor of the excellent carnage Danny Boyle delivered in Twenty-Eight Days Later. Are you with me?

Uh-oh! Gotta go. The red carpet show is on. Ooh! There's Natalie Portman. Enjoy the show.

Sleep tight, don't let the zombies bite.


  1. As usual, I'm posting after the Oscars so i'm sory of "Arm Chair Quarterbacking" here but I am sooo glad "SlumDog Millionaire" won. I'm also glad Sean Penn won. Not really an Oscar watcher but as far as the big prizes, I have no complaints. But onto the zombies and such. If you do a zombie holocaust movie about global warming, you're a shoo in.