Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Halloween Dreams

Those of you who read the initial post on my new blog will remember me mentioning that publication of my first YA novel, Never Slow Dance With A Zombie, was ten whole months away--ten long months before my book would hit bookstore shelves. At the time I was feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve night, or the night before that long awaited trip to Disney World. Morning just couldn't come fast enough.

Even though my editor busied me with some final clean-up edits (mentioned in my third and fourth posts), it wasn't enough to keep me from clock-watching. But today I have some good news. Even though publication of the novel is now Nine Whole Months Away, I have an idea that should keep me busy for a while. My book is due out on Halloween. Wouldn't it be cool to have Halloween Never Slow Dance With A Zombie parties at book stores, libraries and schools around the country on October 30th and 31st? Of course it would! We could have a reading, 80s music (which is the theme of Margot's school's Winter Dance in the book), prizes, and dancing zombies. How cool would that be?

Problem is, I don't know how to pull this off--yet. Maybe I can do it just like a MySpace band tour where bands around the country enlist listeners of their music on MySpace to get a crowd into a local bar or juke joint (did I just say "juke joint?" Obviously I don't go to many garage band concerts). The band posts proposed dates on their page, and then when it seems like they have enough of a following in a town, the band leaves their hometown and goes on tour. But to pull something like this off, I am going to need your help. Maybe there's a library, bookstore, or school near you who might like to hold a very entertaining reading/show. That's right, I'm bringing the dancing zombies with me.

That's the idea, and I'm super excited about it. I can't attend every reading because I plan for there to be hundreds of them--like I said, it's a Halloween dream--but I will have a good reader present at each one, and will make sure the local zombies know how to dance. I'd like some feedback on what you think of my idea, and how I might pull it off. I know it's too early to come up with locations, but maybe you can help me make the idea better.

Please, please leave a comment. Even if you think the idea stinks. I'd love your feedback. I know most of you don't know anything about the book. More on that to come. For now, use your imaginations.

Anyway, I now have something to (hopefully) make the next nine months fly by. I know I will need to post this again later when my website is up, and more people are reading my blog. Today, it's just us--the little group that could. Please help me shape my Halloween Dream.

As always,

Sleep tight, don't let the zombies bite.


  1. E,
    Can I call you E? why not host an internet video party? You can do a podcast or whatever they call those things, or do a live chat where viewers can tune in and watch you read excerpts your book online.

  2. That's an awesome idea, Calyx!

    E, you can also check out Eventful ( It's a good way to let your fans know what you're planning and gauge their response.

    Also, have you thought about getting someone to co-sponsor the events with you? Maybe someone else with a Halloween release date? Or a candy company? Or a dance troupe? Or...high school prom committees?

    Okay, maybe I'm reaching with the last one, but...actually, if you could get schools (or even just one or two local schools) to host Halloween dance parties where you can do signings, I think that'd generate a great buzz.

    You might also want to consider teaming with my fellow Texans. You know the ones. They changed the road signs? (

    Ha. Awesome. Reckless and illegal, but awesome.

    I'll keep noodling. After all, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I do like making dreams come true!

  3. Wow! I am overwhelmed. Thank you so much Calyx and Samantha. These are great ideas. I am going to look into all of them and keep you updated. As for those zombie road signs, when I saw them on the news I thought, wouldn't it be cool if one of those signs read "Never Slow Dance With A Zombie"? Hint, hint. Just in case one of those reckless, illegal people are reading this.

  4. Oh this does sound exciting. I know my old high school has a Halloween dance every year so it's not quite all about the book but simply having some kind of representation for Never Slow Dance with a Zombie at dances like this would be nice and would probably spread the word to a lot of people that wouldn't hear about it otherwise.

    As for bookstores, I know a couple in KY and Cincy that might be willing to do something like this. I DO like the idea of working with another author for some things...other Halloween-ish realeases. That would help!