Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I have two contests ending today. I want to thank all who entered. I enjoy holding contests, especially the Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenge. And so we will start there.

I thought this was a really tough one, and debated with myself on whether or not I should put it up. I got 13 correct answers. You guys are gooood!

The Challenge: In what movie did someone say I didn't kill my wife," and who said it?

The Answer: The Fugitive. Said by Dr. Richard Kimble.

The winner is Lulilut of Lulilut's Stack o' Books. You will be receiving your free $10 Amazon gift card later today. Thanks for playing. BTW, Lulilut already won an ARC in the cover contest. She's picked up quite a bit of swag. You go, girl!

The winners of the three free ARCs for my September release novel, Boyfriend From Hell:

Lisa at Cold Moon Violet Books

hmsgofita at Gofita's Pages

Donna at Girl Who Reads

Congratulations to the three ARC winners. I am so excited about this book. Enjoy the ARCs, and if you do, tell a friend. The ARCs will be in the mail in the next two weeks.

I want to also thank those of you who came over from Armchair BEA. I met quite a few new bloggers there. It was a spectacular event. My hat's off to the organizers. Looking forward to next year.

And now, I'm off to write.



  1. yay winners, especially hmsgofita!

  2. Yeah! Thanks so much for the ARC! I can't wait to read and review it!!!! Congrats to the other winners as well!

  3. congrats to the winners. and I have never seen that movie. No wonder I didn't recognize the quote at all. ahah


  4. Lauren, you weren't born when the movie came out. Ahh, the curse of being so young ;-)


  5. Thanks E! Yes, I was finally able to sign in, at least for now. (I feel like I'm tempting fate mentioning it)
    I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the ARC from the earlier giveaway - I can't wait to read it.
    Also thank you for the Amazon gift card from the trivia contest, I always find the challenges a lot of fun.