Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Challenge Winner!

Hi there! I hope everyone had a rad Christmas. I did. I got an ipad. Yowzah! And, of course, I watched lots of Christmas movies. I saw The Bishop's Wife for the first time, which was a recommendation by Dawn G. Thanks, Dawn. I caught it on TCM on Christmas Eve. It was delightful. Although, I have to admit I laughed out loud when the angel, Dudley, kept refilling the professor's liquor bottle. I thought "This angel is trying to turn the professor into an alcoholic." Aside from that I really enjoyed it, and will be adding it to my list.

Hi Samantha. Thanks for suggesting Love Actually. I really do love that movie. When I saw your suggestion I went to pull it out. I thought I owned it, but looked all over on Christmas Eve and couldn't find it. It's now on my "to purchase" list. Lisa suggested Christmas Vacation. That's already on my list. Both my son and I love that one. And my old friend Dubin suggested Reefer Madness and Freaks. Hmm. Okay, Dube, I really don't know what to say about those choices. I guess all I can say is, Merry Christmas.

Thanks everyone for the movie choices. I didn't mention them all, but they were all good... well, almost all of them (Dube). I hope you had a great holiday. Did I mention I got an ipad? Yowzah!

And now for the contest. Everyone got it right: The correct answer is: Four Christmases. If this movie is not on your Christmas movie list, you need to add it. It is sweet and very funny. The winner of the contest is Linda at Lulilut's Stack O Books. Congratulations, Linda. Your $25 Amazon gift card will be emailed later today.

I want to thank everyone for participating, and please remember to check back on New Year's Eve when I announce my new YA coming out next year. There will be a number of contests and ARC giveaways as I head toward production. I am extra excited about sharing my new book with you. I think you are going to love it. So check back on the 31st, and hear more. I want you all along on my road to publication.

Thanks again for playing the Christmas Challenge. If you are a movie buff, There will be more Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenges next year. Stay tuned.


  1. congrats to the winner! and you'll have to let us know what you think of Love Actually after you watch it. Gosh, I haven't seen that one in forever...

    And Ipad? Wow!! Congrats!!


  2. congrats winner! i have bishop's wife and love actually on the to watch list now.

  3. congrats to our winner!
    and congrats on th ipad! I got a Kindle and some amazon gc to load it up!
    Love Actually is one of my favorites, too. Do let us know how you like it.
    Looking forward to your YA novel!

  4. They were too good, dammit. Something must be wrong with you. Me thinks an IV dose of eggnog might turn the healing trick.
    Merry/Happy ~Dubin

  5. Woot! Thank you so much!
    I really appreciate you having such a fun giveaway at this time of year and all the great suggestions for movie night.

  6. Christmas Vacation is one that I HAVE to watch every year, along with Nightmare Before Christmas, but Love Actually is earning a spot up there too. Such a great movie. Oh and Congrats on the iPad E!

  7. congratulation on your winning price, I am happy to hear that. I also have recommendation movie to watch this weekend. The story told about someone who expert in mould release agent and chemical substitution laboratory, called The Edema. Its humor but educated movie. You should watch with your kids.