Thursday, December 24, 2009

Easter Eggs - Guest Post by Tatiana EL-Khouri

I've always been an inquisitive person, questioning everything. And I mean everything! It was not long that my questions of "Why?" and "How Come?" to my mother were met with, "The answer is in a book." I saw that response as an invitation to a land of exploration. Excitement would overtake me as I tried to figure out which book would hold the answer I sought. Till this day I love a good puzzle and can often be found doing logic puzzles and brain teasers in the middle of intense projects to get a moment of clarity.

When I was 5, I got a Nintendo 8 bit system from my uncle. It was the hottest toy at the time. When I stood in a fully stocked toy store and was told to pick anything I wanted, I made an instant beeline to the counter for the coveted Nintendo. I loved the video game system, despite not being very great at playing the games. It didn't take long for my younger brother to take over my game system and make it his own. Surprisingly, I didn't mind!

He was good! I played the games and barely passed a few levels. He played the same game and not only passed all the levels, but he started finding secret points and uncovering "Easter Eggs." I was amazed! Not only were the games entertaining, visually stimulating and all-around awesome; but the attention to detail the game developers and designers added were awe inspiring. I couldn't wait to watch my brother find the next secret coin room, extra life or any other secrets hidden throughout the games.

The idea of Easter Eggs stuck in my head. When I studied ancient history, I learned about everything from the secrets of the pyramids to the symbolism in the dollar bill to the insignia of a flag; I appreciated the thought that went into the planning process even more. About a year ago, I purchased an encyclopedia of symbols and signs as artistic reference. I was waiting for the right project to lace with hidden Easter Eggs. Then along came E's "I Want You Back." Instantly I knew this was the project I was waiting for. As E described the story and how the project would be a gift to his loyal fans, I thought it would be so cool to add hidden symbolism in the artwork and give an extra layer to the project the fans may not expect.

In the cover alone there are about 10 or so clues or hidden meanings that will be later revealed. So now that you know the Cover and the interior illustrations are filled with "Easter Eggs," I can't wait to hear from the readers and see what clues you pick up on. As the chapters come in, more and more will be revealed. Next week I will reveal the Easter Eggs that have been placed in the artwork and the Cover.



  1. Great Post! Thanks, Tatiana. I really LOVE the book cover.


  2. interesting. i'll checking out the cover to see what i can see. thanks.