Friday, November 20, 2009

Last Night

The reading of excerpts from the manuscript of my new book, Hollyweird, went extremely well last night, topped off by my big brother's presence. The reading was held in Sheree's conference room. There was a small crowd present--all seemed to love the book.

Sheree and her young interns loved it so much that she called me this morning to tell me she'd arranged a reading at one of the major studios the first week of December. She's hoping to get a TV deal which will spawn the book deal. It's the reverse of how things are normally done. I am very excited. A book and TV deal for Christmas. Yes!

And my brother really enjoyed the reading. You know how good that makes me feel :-)

Tomorrow we hang with cousins, and then he's headed back home. Tonight, I leave him alone at the crib while I torture myself by going to the Staples Center to watch the Clippers. My brother is not a sports fan--no way could I expose him the bad basketball. I'm a good little brother.

Monday I'm back to work on I Want You Back. Tatiana should have some art work to display some time next week. I haven't seen anything but a prelim of the cover art. I can't wait. These are exciting times. Check back to see what she's working on.


  1. I just finished "Never Slow Dance With a Zombie", I have to admit that the title caught my eye when I was at a local book fair today and bought it.

    I devoured (no pun intended) this book in about two hours, and plan to share this with as many people as I can encourage to read it. I enticed people with the line from Principal Taft when explaining how to deter a zombie with a rolled up newspaper. This made me giggle immensely.

    Having been that awkward teenager (more so like Sybil really) it was wonderful to read such a charming story, that was adorable but not childishly so. Thank you for this wonderful gem of literary artwork.

  2. Hola,
    I've been meaniing to write you for MONTHS. I purchased and read ZOMBIE waaaaaaay back in October. So much fun. I'm so proud of, and happy for you. Caught up on your blogs, glad to see that other books are in the works. As always, you inspire me!!
    Bitterly yours,

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments. You have no idea how much I needed them today.

  4. Hey, I missed this. Congrats on the success of the reading! Super exciting!