Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting Down with Drew Carey

One of the perks of being a member of the Hollywood show biz community is that I get invited to cool parties. Friday night I got to attend Drew Carey’s, The Price Is Right wrap party. Drew really knows how to throw a party. This one had a 70s theme. Check out the Saturday Night Fever couple and the lighted dance floor. Brings back memories, doesn't it... Okay, I know you're too young. But it brings back memories for me.

I was soo happy to get out Friday night because I’d been knee deep in the first draft edit of the Boyfriend From Hell sequel. I needed some fun time. I danced the night away to songs like Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” and Kool And The Gang’s “Get Down On It.” Many of the guests came in period costume. Most of them weren’t even born yet, but there they were in halter tops, platform shoes and Afros. There were even some roller skaters. Sorry the photos are dark, but I took them with my iphone.

I don’t have one of Drew, but he was in costume as well, looking his Dirk Diggler finest, complete with bushy mustache and mutton chops. The highlight of the night was K.C. and The Sunshine Band performing.

K.C. looked way out of shape, but he moved across the stage like a young man. I thought he might have a heart attack. All-in-all it was a fun night. I think I’m going to play some 70s or 80s music at my Boyfriend From Hell, launch party in September. I play music at all my readings. I try to make a party out of them. And with 70s or 80s music, you can’t help but dance.

The launch party is taking place at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena. All are invited. I hope Vroman's is partial to music and dancing. I will give you more details on the party as we get closer. Now… Ugh! Back to... Ugh! editing… Ugh! Why can't these books just fall off the top of my head?

BTW, for all my Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenge friends, I buried a movie trivia tid bit in this post. Do any of you know what movie? Drop it in the comments if you do. No prize, just bragging rights.



  1. One of the movies you referred to is Saturday Night Fever starring none other than John Travolta himself. The other movie was about Dirk Digler, called Boogie Nights, (1997) starring Burt Reynolds. By the way that movie was filmed on location in the San Fernando Valley. Check out my blog The Real Hollywood.

  2. Great post! LOVE the pictures. So fun!

  3. Since you mentioned roller skates, my guess is "Xanadu" starring Gene Kelly & Olivia Newton-John.
    I'm taking a risk here because the skates could go with Dirk Digler and Boogie Nights but Xanadu also had great music.

    fingers-crossed - I wanna brag! And you know how I love these things. lol! ;)

  4. AWESOME pics! That looks like such a blast :0)

  5. I was talking about "Boogie Nights" with the Dirk Diggler reference. Rebecca nailed it less than an hour after the post. Both Rebecca and Lulilut showed me how many others it could have been. Sounds like an idea for a new Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenge. Thanks!


  6. So, so cool!! What a fun night. I'd love to go to something like this.