Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Very Good Excuse

I've been totally remiss in posting lately. Can I blame Christmas? Yes, I'm blaming Christmas. Christmas has totally thrown me for a loop. Mostly because I've been fretting--what to get, what to get, what to get? While I love Christmas, this is a most difficult time of year for me, because I never know what to get anyone. Every year I say I am going to listen to what people want and need, and come Christmas I will be prepared. And every year I don't listen, and wind up going to all after mall, walking around like a zombie. This year has been no different.

Anyway, that's my excuse, and here are a few things I should have mentioned but let slip. My friend, Jill at Reading Is Bliss is hosting 25 Guests of Christmas. She is having a guest blogger each day from the 1st thru Christmas. It's the 8th, so you've missed a few. I am her guest on the 21st. If you'd like some Christmas spirit, who doesn't Click here: Reading is Bliss.

This past Saturday I was a guest author at the Christmas party at Mysterious Galaxy Books in San Diego. There were 11 authors present, including Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures) whom I sat right next to. They were delightful, and signed a book for me. Yay! The party was a blast. We answered questions, signed, ate, and met new friends and fans. Mysterious Galaxy Books is now my favorite Indy book store. Thank you Mysterious Galaxy for showing me such a good time. If you'd like to know more about the party or Mysterious Galaxy Click here: Mysterious Galaxy Books.

I will have more updates coming about Hollyweird and artwork from I Want You Back (my free, e-book novella with illustrations due out at Christmas), but I felt I had to at least catch you up. And now I must go Christmas shopping, or as I like to call it, Zombie Time. Ugh!

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