Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Keke Loves Zombies

Check it out! Keke Palmer, star of the amazing film, Akeelah And The Bee, and currently starring on Nickelodeon's True Jackson VP Click here: True Jackson Keke Palmer Nickelodeon wants to play the lead in Never Slow Dance With A Zombie. How cool is that? All we need is someone who wants to make a movie out of the book. Okay, I know that's a lot, but still. This is very cool.

Keke shot this video for me, and I thought now was the perfect time to share it with you:


  1. That's really awesome! I love her. I just saw Akeelah and The Bee, too. :)

  2. omg i love keke and your book. Ive read never slow dance with a zombie 3 times, its so my new favorite book. And p.s. if they do make it into a movie and you need a Sybil, give me a call. :)