Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Years Free Book Giveaway

In addition to all that's going on with I Want You Back (due out on Wednesday), I'm hosting a bit of a contest.

Since I purchase several new books a week, I must accept that some will never get read. And so, to start the new year in a giving fashion, I'm giving 11 new, unread books away.

Over the past year I have bought or received so many books that my office looks like a storage unit. And since I love buying books, I must clear away some that I have not yet read so I can buy more (strange, I know). I will post my giveaway list here on New Year's Day (January 1st). All you have to do to get a free book is be a subscriber of either this website or my blog. If you're a website subscriber, click on blog, then click on comments and tell me which book you want. If you're a blogger subscriber, just click on comments and leave your request. First come-first served. It's that easy. If someone hasn't already left a comment requesting the book--it's yours. I will mail it to you free of charge.

I will post the list of lucky winners a few days after the 1st with instructions on how to claim your book. DO NOT leave your address or email address or any personal information in the comments. All unclaimed books will go back into the queue for the next time.

So, if you'd like to win a free book, and you're not a subscriber, now's the time to subscribe.

Subscribers, check back on New Year's Day and win a free book.


  1. oh this is awesome! i have a feeling i'll be too late to claim one, but I'll try. thanks for the fun giveaway though and if you want to enter mine, come on by. gift card, paranormal state, and 2010 YA books!!


  2. OOh - I'm a subscriber! BTW I had a gift card for Border's and went looking for your zombie book, but I couldn't find it. Is is under YA, adult or independent reader? Do I have to order it online?