Thursday, April 16, 2009


There has been a change in my profile. Never Slow Dance With A Zombie will be in stores in September. You won't have to wait until Halloween. That's great news. AND it's already listed on Amazon. Those of you who want to pre-order Click here: Never Slow Dance With A Zombie: Books
Okay, I know I'm dreaming on this last part, but somebody might.

My website is still not up. This is all due to technical glitches. I am hoping to have the problems solved by the weekend. I will keep you posted. And finally, I still haven't signed those 11 books. What a strange case of procrastination, huh? But they are on my coffee table. I will sign them before sundown.

Sleep tight, don't let the zombie bite.


  1. That's so exciting! Just in time for fall birthdays... ;)

  2. Hi E, If we order through Amazon, will you autograph it?

  3. Of course I will. We'll have to figure out the logistics... And it won't take me days to figure out which page to autograph ;)

  4. I'm TOTALLY purchasing one :)

    BTW I am giving you some blog-love. Come on over when you get a chance.