Thursday, April 9, 2009

The ARC's Are Here

I just got 10 Advance Reader Copies of Never Slow Dance With A Zombie. ARCs are soft bound books created for newspapers and reviewers. 10 isn't many. I plan to give them to selected teen girls who will read the book and then do a review on my new website. Hopefully the reviews will be good, and people will want to read the book. That's the idea, anyway.

The other good news is my website,, should be ready to go online tomorrow. Tatiana has been tweaking a few things, and we're even adding a new game. So, while the writing of the new novel isn't going very well at the moment, things are moving along.

AND my publisher wants me to autograph 11 copies of the ARCs for the teens who consulted on the artwork for the book cover. You know what that means? In a few days I will be signing my first autographed copies. I'd thought about the day when I'd have to start doing signings. I wish I had a cooler looking signature. And now that I don't write a lot--since everything is on the computer--when I do write my hand cramps up. Maybe I should practice... No, that sounds a bit too vain. I will sign the 11 books in one sitting and see how I hold up. I'll let you know how it goes. Anyway, it's an exciting time.

Sleep tight, don't let the zombies bite.

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  1. Please go out and buy yourself a fancy, pretentious book-signing pen at one of those ridiculous, and outrageously expensive, pen stores you always see in airports. This is a momentous occasion, even if you feel a little silly indulging it.

    You can never be too excited about your accomplishments! And if you think you can, then I'll be overly excited for you. ^_^