Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Book Cover Contest

A lot can be said with a simple image. Take the zombie image to your left. I thought it was too cute in a macabre sort of way not to share. I find quite a few cool or cute zombie images on photobucket. I'm going to display several here over the next few months to keep you in the mood for zombies... You know, so come September you'll buy a certain book. Okay, enough marketing. Today's image is by Daisy Destruction.

This morning I discovered quite by accident, that a blogger at Tor had posted 5 versions of the Never Slow Dance With A Zombie book cover on her site. Wow! They did 5 book covers. Who knew? Included was Tor's reasoning for choosing the one they chose. I found the discussion fascinating, and I think you will too. Click here: The Art Department: Never Slow Dance with a Zombie, or, emo zombie boy FTW!

I liked several of the covers, but I think they went with the right one. If you'd like to weigh in on your own favorites, I'd love to hear from you. You will also see my name spelled out the way my mother intended. Ignore it. I am E to all my friends.

Sleep tight...


  1. While I adore the flowers version and think it was the right choice, I really liked the one with hand and the sequined dress. I don't even really know why. But I dug it. Thanks for sharing these. It's cool to see the other options!

  2. E, checked out the alternative covers and flowers was the absolutely a great choice. The others seemed more scruffy guy than zombie. Methinks maybe your publishers spot on. Can't wait for the book signing.

  3. Getting an inside look on the process was interesting!

    They definitely picked the winner with your book cover.