Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness Update or Don't Quit Your Day Job

A few days ago I bragged here in this blog about the NCAA bracket I had filled out. I was in search of the perfect bracket. No losses. The second day of the tournament is now winding down, and all I can say is "E, don't quit your day job." Out of the 50 or so games that have been played so far I have 12 losses. That's around 25%. Not good. But at least West Virginia is still in the tournament. I picked them to win it all. And they still might. Any WV fans in the house?

Okay, Louisville is making a big run in the game against Cal. Time to get back to basketball. But I did do some writing today--so there!

Have any of you filled out brackets, or have favorite teams? How are you doing? And please, no flaunting that you're a better game picker than me. Thanks.


  1. Nice. Yeah, my bracket is in shambles. I was in shock that Kansas lost. I had them going to the final four. Ah well. At least I still have Duke and Syracuse still in it. This reminds me of last year when all of my top schools went out early.

  2. There are so many holes in my bracket it looks like Swiss cheese. BTW, congrats on the new job.

  3. I was wondering where you were... West Virginia, Huh???