Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Want You Back art - Guest Post by Tatiana EL-Khouri

I hope you are enjoying the e-novella "I Want You Back" as much as I have been enjoying creating the artwork. On my last guest post, I talked about the planted "easter egg" clues in the paintings.

Have you been able to figure them out?

Here is a clue for those who haven't read all the available chapters yet or begun the series, Chapters 5 & 6 were hinted at with the cover art for the series.

********* Spoiler Alert *********

I will break down the cover art and reveal the clues.

Book Title- The title of the book series directly relates to the note that Madame Leveau tells Emy to create. "For the next part of the spell I had to create two notes out of things that were important to both Devin and me. The note would read: “I Want You Back!”

This was the creative part of the spell, for I had to choose letters from things of importance and paste them onto a piece of paper from my notebook. I cut out a W from a Seventy-Sixers/Warriors basketball game ticket.

That game was our first date.

I chose an A from the heart shaped candy I’d purchased to share with Devin on Valentine’s Day. He didn’t get me anything, but that was okay. I got the candy for us both."

Frame- The frame that encompasses the hands, represents the strange mirror that Emy must use to complete the spell. If you notice, there are symbols in both the frame on the cover and the inside of the mirror in the Chapter 5 illustration above.
Here are some of the symbols and how they connect to the story:
  • Infinity- The spell is binding, "till Death do us part."
  • Male & Female- It reperesents Emy and Devin.
  • Earth, Sky, Moon, Sun- It represents the power in the elements. Emy must dig the earth to bury the spell items since the mirror is lunar charged.
  • Question Mark- This represents uncertainty in Emy.
Holding Hands- The holding hands in the cover represent Emy's desire to be with Devin.

Did you guess those? Well I'm happy to say there is still one more clue in the cover that will be revealed in the next installment being delivered Monday! Can you guess what it is?


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  1. oh oh, i know. should i say? something with the hands. thanks for this illustration symbols info. good stuff.