Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hollyweird Tonight!

Tonight at 7PM (PST) I read excerpts from my recently completed YA paranormal, Hollyweird. The reading will be held in the very posh conference room of my manager, Sheree Guitar. My entire team will be present: agent, manager, producing partner. I hear a few Hollywood types may show up as well.

The big thrill, however, is that I think my brother will be there. He's in town for a Microsoft convention that ends this afternoon. I know. I'm heading out to pick him up in a few hours. And if he's not too tired, I will drag him to the reading.

He's staying with me until Sunday. Cool. When he was here last year we had a great time hanging together. I hope he comes to the reading. He will make it a very special night, indeed.

If the reading goes well I will prepare the manuscript to go out to my editor for reading during the holidays. And hopefully a sale!!! Check back here tomorrow to hear how the evening went.


  1. That's so sweet that you're most thrilled about your brother : )

  2. Thanks, Klo. He's a special guy. And he's coming tonight. Yay! Leaving soon.