Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ten Whole Months Away

Today is the beginning of blogging for me, and I am very excited. My first teen novel, Never Slow Dance With A Zombie (Tor/Teen), comes out on Halloween. That's ten whole months away. I plan to do posts several times a week about my journey towards publication. That ought to keep me busy, since I'm jumping out of my skin waiting for the book to come out. Did I mention it's ten whole months?

The book is about 16 year-old junior, Margot Jean Johnson--a high school wannabe. When the entire student body of Salesian High becomes zombies, Margot sees a chance for all her high school dreams to come true: A boyfriend, Parties, even Prom Queen. All she has to do to achieve high school infamy is stay alive. That's the premise. Strange, I know. But as you will discover, the premises to all my novels--in fact, all my life--is a bit strange. Go figure. And there's a love story in it, too. I love love. Who doesn't love love?

Is it Autobiographical? Well... I was a high school wannabe, and my school was definitely overrun by zombies... oh wait, they weren't zombies, they were just idiots. But I digress. I live and work in Hollywood, and from time to time I'll let you know what I am up to out here. I've written for a whole bunch of TV shows (I'll tell you about some of those, too) , and I'm still active in the Hollywood community. If you have any questions about writing for TV or movies, I'd love to answer them.

Right now I'm fast at work on a new novel, my third, and my first isn't even out yet. Did I mention I can't wait? I can't... and it's ten whole months!!! I know, I know, I said that already. Breathe.... Ahhhhh!

Well, it's time for dinner. I've been having some trouble with my stomach the past few days, and my doctor is on vacation. So, I'm trying this gluten free diet which I read about on Meg Cabot's blog, and now I totally sympathize with her, because if my doctor says I have to go gluten free for life I'm going to shoot him, and when my book finally comes out (in ten whole months), I'll be in prison. Anyway, I will keep you posted about my stomach as well.

Well, I'm off to my veggies and broth with gluten free noodles. Yum.

Sleep tight, don't let the zombies bite.


  1. Ten months will go by so fast, can't wait to hear more

  2. any of your novels being considered for movies, tv series?