Saturday, May 26, 2012

E. Van Lowe Meets Marilyn Monroe

On Thursday, Palm Springs unveiled the 26 ft statue of Marilyn Monroe, welcoming her to her new home on the corner of Palm Canyon Drive and Tahquitz Canyon Road.  I was on hand for a photo-op of this incredible Hollyweird piece of pop art.  The statue of Marilyn is really beautiful, and I was happy to be around to welcome her to California.

The statue was originally unveiled in Chicago about a year ago where it received a cool welcome, mixed reviews and was vandalized several times.  Marilyn received a much warmer welcome to her new home a stone's throw from Hollywood.

Speaking of Hollywood and Hollyweird, there's a sneak peek of my new novel (the first in my Hollyweird series) over at the Bookish Brunette's blog as part of her month-long celebration of zombies--Zombie Craze.  The new book is entitled The Zombie Always Knocks Twice.  It's a YA paranormal book about fifteen year-old necromancer Kristine Golden who lives in Hollywood, California.  The book takes place in and around Hollywood and contains little tid bits of real Hollywood history.  Also, every location mentioned in the book and series are real.  Maybe one day there will be a Hollywood Hollyweird tour.  If you come out to Hollywood, you can definitely visit every location in the book.

Along with the sneak peek is a giveaway of my popular debut novel, Never Slow Dance With A Zombie.

Enjoy the photos, if you get a chance to visit the LA area, drive out to Palm Springs and view Marilyn's statue, and please pop over to the Bookish Brunette's blog and have a read of my Hollyweird sneak peek and participate in the giveaway.



  1. Well E - you have a great blog and website. I am flying into Chicago mid-June and I would love to see Marilyn!

    1. Hi Penny, Thanks for the comment. You won't see Marilyn in Chicago anymore. She moved to Palm Springs. You'll have to come out to Cali to see her.

  2. hello ^^
    just thought i'd take your advice and drop in to say hi!
    wow! great stuff you've got here :]
    if you are ever in need of a reviewer please let me know.
    your books are right up my alley ^^

  3. Hi, Ehrich.
    I would love to interivew you on my public access
    tv show.
    Contact me.
    Marcielle Brandler

  4. Oh, I was just in LA and I missed seeing the statue. But I least I saw the kissing couple statue in San Diego.

    Thanks for messaging me on Book Blogs.

  5. Hello! Thank you for the message on Book Blogs! I can't wait to start reading your books! They are on my TBR I'm just anxious to start! LOL ;p If you do need a reviewer let me know!

    My Blog:

  6. How very cool. I remember some of her movies.

  7. Thanks for saying, "Hi" over at Book Blogs. I grew up in Southern California in the 1960s and 1970s, so I wonder if you know the half of just how weird the Holly gets? ;)