Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Win Big With My Latest Challenge

Spring has sprung, and that means summer isn't far behind.  I love summer.  it's my favorite time of year.  I was born on the second day of summer--June 22nd, but that can't be why I love it, since I don't remember being born.  I think I love it because when I was a kid that's when I had most of my fun.  I love the warm weather and summertime activities.

This year I am doubly excited about the advent of summer, because this summer my long in development novel The Zombie Always Knocks Twice (Waterstreet Press) comes out.  Which is why I am taking a moment to give away a free $10 Amazon gift card.  The Zombie Always Knocks Twice is the first book in my Hollyweird series, which, I guess, is the perfect segue to introduce this week's Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenge.  For our latest challenge I looked for a movie with a springtime theme but settled on a multi-cultural movie.  I chose a multi-cultural theme because the heroine of my new Hollyweird series, Kristine Golden, is mixed race.  She has a black mother and a white father.

Kris is a fifteen year-old necromancer who lives and goes to school in Hollywood.  In the series Hollywood is not the glamour town of motion pictures. As Kris explains in the first book: My Hollywood is a shambling, decrepit town where dreams come to die.  Where everything comes to die. 

Hollywood as it turns out is a pretty Holly-weird place.  Please check back for updates on my road to publication.  I am very excited about this new book. And now for the challenge.  You have to do three things to win:  Guess the name of the actor who made the quote below.  Name the film the quote is from, and unscramble the name of an actor who appeared in the film.  Remember--you have to answer all three to win.  Just one entry per person will be accepted.  The winner will receive a free $10 Amazon gift card.  On Monday I will draw a winner from all the correct answers, and post the winner here next Tuesday.  Are you ready for the challenge?

In what film did a character say: "Uh-uh-uh... I didn't hear you wash your hands."
Who was the actor who played the character?
Unscramble the name of the actor below:

Nick Theoameal

Easy peasy, right ;-) Since I know you're all going to get it right, here are a few things you will need to do to qualify to win. You need to do #1 or #2, plus the three remaining things listed below:

1) Be a registered follower of this blog, or
2) ...follow me at http://evanlowe.com/

3) leave a comment on this blog in the comment section on any of my posts anytime during the week of the current challenge. DO NOT put your answer in the comments, instead…

4) send your answer to me at info@evanlowe.com

5)mention the Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenge either on your blog or in a tweet the week of the current challenge.

Do 1 +3,4& 5, or 2 +3 ,4& 5 and you are entered to win.

Remember, you must do four things to qualify to win.  And although it's called the Tuesday Trivia Challenge, you still have until Sunday to come up with the correct answer.  I do the drawing on Monday. Enjoy the challenge, and stay tuned for updates on my new book.



  1. Fun contest, E! Thanks for the chance to win Amazon moulah. Love Hollyweird. :)

  2. HA HA. laughing that you couldn't fins a Spring Movie you liked. I would pick Steel Magnolias.But that's me. Anyway, I e-mailed my answer. Good luck to everyone else playing today!

  3. This is a great contest. I'm off to tweet and let my followers know about it.

  4. Awesome contest E!!! Here is my tweet link: https://twitter.com/#!/Mc_Carver/status/185406251130290177