Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holly Zombie Christmas Winner

Happy Holidays everyone.  I know you're all here to find out who won all the cool swag in the Holly Zombie Christmas Giveaway.  I won't keep you waiting too long, but before I announce I want you all to know what a blast I had hosting the contest.  I love having contests.  Speaking of hosts, I want to thank the five bloggers who co-hosted the contest with me. I also want to thank Janiera, who liked the contest so much she co-hosted on her own.  Thanks, Janiera, that was awesome of you.

And now for the winner.  The winner of the Holly Zombie Christmas Giveaway is Ta-Taaaaaa! Jeanette Jackson.  Hey Jeanette, congratulations! Send me your mailing info. I will pop the swag bag into the mail.  Sorry you won't have it for Christmas, but some time during the holidays, you will be knee deep in zombie paraphernalia. The blogger who sent the most fans my way is Stephanie at Beauty Brite.  Thanks Stephanie for enrolling so many contestants into the giveaway.  A mini-swag bag will be going out to you as well.

If you like contests please stay tuned, I will be hosting another Hollyweird Tuesday Trivia Challenge very soon.  Guess the movie and win a free Amazon gift card.  It's that easy. And if you like good books, hopefully you will check out mine.  If you're not into my genre, why not give Boyfriend From Hell or Never Slow Dance With A Zombie as a gift. I'm an author, people.  If I don't sell these books I will have to go back to work in the salt mine.  You don't want that, and neither do I.  So please, please support me as an author.  If you're into horror, check out my alter ego Sal Conte, the author of the original Child's Play.  His ebooks are available on my site along with my own: http://evanlowe.com/

I hope everyone will hang around long enough to read my interview with cover artist Adara Rosalie. If you can't stay now, please come back and read it.  She's a terrific artist and an awesome person.  I know she'd love it if you left a comment.

Please be careful out there during the holidays.  I want to see you all back here real soon.


*Correction.  Earlier I mistakenly posted it was Michelle at Beauty Brite who was the winning blogger.  I have corrected the error.  I apologize, Stephanie.


  1. lucky dog! Congrats to the winnner :) and thanks for hosting the give away.

  2. congrats Jeanette! and Happy Holidays, E!

  3. Congratulations Jeanette and Michele!

  4. Congrats Jeanetter and Michele!! :)
    And here's wishing everyone, especially our beloved E-Man, a most joyous Christmas season! *hugs* galore, M.A.D.

  5. Congrats to Jeanette & Michele!!!Thanks E for all the fun & Happy Holidays to all =D

  6. Hey ,it's awesome you still host these trivia challenges :)

    Congrats Jeanette & Stephanie :)