Monday, March 9, 2009

Back For A Return Engagement

My editor sent me the typeset text galleys of my new novel to review the other day. Can you believe it? Never Slow Dance With A Zombie is now set in type. Yowzah!

Although she told me the last time I received the pages it would be The Last Time I could make changes. Now she's saying this is the very last time I can make changes and only small changes at that. But you know how it is when you review something--you always see things you can change.

I am trying to be philosophical about this. I wrote the novel two and a half years ago. I am almost finished with my third YA, and yet, each time I return to this--my first--I want to make it better. I know I need to move on. Proof it, add a few small things that can make it pop and that's it. But I so want it to be exciting, fun and entertaining for my fans... okay, would-be fans. And I don't want it to stink... I'll just have to trust my gut on this one.

Wish me luck.

Sleep tight.